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Everyone is looking for quick and easy ways to brighten their appearance and boost their look, I think the most obvious fix is a whiter smile. There are so many ways out there to go about achieving a pearly toothy grin through teeth whitening but which method is most effective, budget friendly, and lasts? Well I believe I have just the answer!

My Experience with Whitening

I have tried several whitening methods in the past; special toothpastes that claim to brighten, whitening strips from my local convenience store, and even the UV lighted chairs that claim to boost your smile in 45 minutes. There are tons of different treatments that you can try. I have included a pros and cons comparison sheet below.

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Comparison.jpg

I have tried so many different types of whitening programs over the years and nothing has done the trick like Smile Brilliant.

NOTE: I have not whitened my teeth in the past year so the before and after picture below is a true depiction of what Smile Brilliant did for me.

What to Expect


The Smile Brilliant whitening program is much like a professional whitening service that you get from your dentist. You will be receiving a kit that includes materials for an impression, your whitening solution, desensitizing gel, and instructions for mailing in your impressions and completing the treatment.

How to Complete a Proper Impression


In your kit you will see to materials in small plastic containers. One is blue and labeled base, and the other is white and labeled Catalyst.

You will remove the two materials and roll them into a ball separately. Place one ball in your right hand and the other in your left hand. (It does not matter which color is in which hand)

Then quickly smush the two balls together, kneading them until the material is one color with no streaks. Roll the material into a long rope and place it into one of the trays. (You will have enough containers of material to complete the second tray so make sure to place all of the putty you have just meshed together into one tray.)

Place the tray into your mouth and push over your teeth with firm, equal pressure in the front and back. You do not want a deeper impression around the front teeth and a shallow impression on the back, likewise, you do not want to push so hard that your teeth pierce all the way through the putty and make a hole where you can see the tray.

Once your impressions are complete and have dried, you may place them in the pre-stamped envelope that comes in your kit and mail them back to Smile Brilliant so that your trays can be made.


I received my trays within 2 weeks. I was super excited to get to whitening. The steps to a whiter smile are super simple. All you have to do is spread the whitening gel in the rubber tray (one syringe will last you 4 treatments total!) and then pop them in!


Some whitening trays can be uncomfortable but I love how Smile Brilliant has a rubber tray so that it is flexible and comfortable to wear.


When not whitening, be sure to put your trays in the designated container so that the dog doesn;t get a hold of them. (For some reason my dog likes retainers)


My Results

I was VERY pleasantly surprised just in the first week! I could definitely tell a difference. These are results after two weeks of whitening. Note: I had my hair lightened in the two weeks I was whitening which is why the second picture looks brighter around my face, however I did take these pictures in the same spot at the same time of day.

Notice in the first picture how my teeth were darker in between. This is due to being an avid coffee drinker. Smile brilliant took those stain on and now I have a perfectly white smile throughout!



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