The Best Baby Crib Mattress – 100% Washable

CALLING ALL MOMS…I have found a genius invention, a completely washable mattress and no…. it is not like washing a pillow where it gets all dis-formed and what not, this mattress can be taken outside and rinsed off with a hose, look just like new, and NEVER SMELL LIKE BABY BARF, PEE-PEE, or SPOILED MILK!

There are so many benefits to the Newton Baby Crib Mattress. The most convenient is that it is 100% washable! There is a liner that zips around the core which can be washed in the washing machine and the 90%  air and 10% food-grade polymer core can be rinsed with soap and water to wash away any less than lovely moments! The best part is that the materials completely prevent bacteria and mold growth. If you see something that looks yucky, simply wash it off! Did I mention that the mattress only weighs 11 lbs?


Another great benefit to the mattress is that it is 100% breathable! The baby can fully breath right through the mattress! The company doesn’t claim to prevent suffocation but from a mother’s perspective, you could put your baby on an unmade Newton mattress and the odds of suffocation has to be nearly nothing. As an experienced momma, I know the realities of reflux. Many infants struggle with reflux which is a double ended sword. If you let them sleep on their backs you risk them choking should they spit up but leaving them to sleep on their tummy presents the risk of suffocation. I would be 100% comfortable with a tummy sleeper on this mattress.

Now, I know that we all want warm, cozy bundles so we would probably have blankets in the crib but if your little one likes a swaddle, you could also swaddle on the mattress and not worry about loose blankets or fitted sheets popping up. Speaking of fitted sheets this is a standard mattress so you can go with any standard fitted sheet! The firmness that the baby needs but the comfort that they want from this mattress will help your new addition to snooze super soundly!

By the way, the Newton Baby Crib Mattress is 100% recyclable. Just one more awesome benefit…ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY!

With all the benefits of this mattress, what momma wouldn’t make the investment for their baby’s safety, health, and comfort…and for the sake of your own sanity. I know having little James on his Newton Crib Mattress will help me to sleep better at night as well! While Newton sent me this product as a sponsored review, this review is 100% my own. I love this product and recommend to all my fellow mommies! Click Here to check out the Newton Baby Mattress

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