The Minimalist Wardrobe

Though minimalism was introduced as an art style in the early 60’s, it has since become a lifestyle among fashionable women. Being a minimalist can apply to a variety of different aspects, but committing to a minimalist wardrobe is a super easy place to start! Have you ever stood in your closet full of clothes yet still have nothing to wear? Ironic, right? By taking the minimalist approach, you will find that by owning less in your wardrobe, you actually enjoy more! Like Marie Kondo would say… only wear clothing that “spark joy!”

Keep scrolling for tips on how to start a minimalist wardrobe and the benefits, too!

Consider Your Daily Needs

What do you do for a living and what are you your goals? This will help you determine what clothes you truly want in your wardrobe. Also, think practically! If you live somewhere with a hot climate, do you really need those scarves and gloves? Not a big partier? Maybe rethink those stilettos and bow-ties you’ll never wear again. One item of clothing every minimalist must have is a slimming black tank.

Choose Your Primary Style

What is your personal style? Do you tend to wear more bold colors or neutrals? Also, consider which clothes you feel most confident in! These are the ones that should remain in your wardrobe.

Pick A Color Pallet

This one goes hand in hand with picking a style. Having a set in stone color pallet increases the versatility of your pieces – you can match most of your clothes and make multiple outfits with them. It’s a win-win! Whether you go with a bold and bright color scheme or a black and neutral one, stick to it and things will be so much more convenient.

Get Rid Of Clothes

There are lots of creative ways to clean out your closet. First, the hard part…. choose what to get rid of. Which pieces are too big? Too small? Don’t match your style and color pallet? Since you spent money on all of these pieces, you’re probably not going to want to throw them straight into the trash, right? There are many alternatives, including donating your pieces to those in need, selling them if they’re still in good condition, and more. Be sure to keep neutral layering pieces as they will be perfect for adding dimension to your minimal look.

Deciding What To Buy Or Add To Your Wardrobe

Though it might be tempting to buy more and more clothes while you’re out shopping, keep in mind the true meaning of a minimalist wardrobe: less is more! Ask yourself these questions before buying new clothes: do they fit? Do they match my style and color pallet? Will the quality last? Do they make me feel confident? If you have doubts, give it a second thought and come back to it in a few days!

Accent With Jewelry

Beautiful jewelry will accent any minimal wardrobe outfit beautifully. Ideally I will choose between an unique neck piece or a dazzling pair of drop earrings. My go to brand for stocking up my jewelry box is AuRate. These pieces are minimal and perfect for adding a little pizazz to your style.

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