The Most Innovative Beach Towel

Innovative beach towel? Sounds kind of silly that a beach towel could be innovative, but GoBreezie towels work to prevent the one things that we all hate…

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GoBreezie beach towels not only work to keep your comfortable, but they are versatile in their use, and super stylish as well! Truly the best beach towel on the market,
I don’t know about you, but my biggest pet peeve when at the beach happens about 15 minutes after I lay my towel down. SAND! It never fails that an excited child or heavy footed beach-goer will pass by and kick up sand all over my beach towel. It seems that I can NEVER shake off the sand as it gets stuck in the terry grooves. Let me tell you, my sand worries have dissipated ever since I began using my GoBreezie towels! The fabric seems to repel sand so that when my towel gets a little “kick back” I can shake it off and every single bit of the sand will fall. No more gritty sun bathing!
I also love that each towel comes in it’s very own backpack. This is perfect for an easy, get up and go! I never tend to stay in the same spot when spending a day on the beach. I will lay out, get up for a snack on the boardwalk, come back and get in the ocean, take a walk, then maybe lay back down for a little more sun-bathing. The light-weight backpack is great for transporting my towel with me throughout the day.



Not only is this towel fabulous for the beach and pool, but the trademarked BreezyFiber fabric is perfect for using your towel as an outdoor yoga mat. GoBreezie has their customer completely in mind when designing their product and it shows with the built in towel handle. The loop makes it super easy to throw it on your wrist when you don’t have the backpack that it comes with, and carry your towel hands free, because we all know that buckets, floats, coolers, and bags leave no room in your arms for towels too.


All of GoBreezie’s towels are super stylish and double sided! They have several styles to suit either gender. I chose a beautiful, striped design (shown in the picture above) called Over The Rainbow  and another tropical design (shown in the picture below) called Catch My Breath.


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