The Post-Workout Skincare Routine 

If, like me, you’ve committed to regular workouts as part of your lifestyle goals for 2022, then you’ll want to make sure your skin is glowing (in a good way!) after all that hard work. That’s where a post-workout skincare routine comes in. Taking a little time to take care of your skin after exercising will mean that you can help avoid any irritation.

Step 1: Shower 

The likelihood is you’ve worked up a sweat during your workout, so you’ll want to make sure you cleanse your whole body. The quickest and easiest way to do this is to get into the shower after your cool down. The water will help to rid your skin of all that sweat and any oils your body’s produced. 

Keep the temperature dial turned down to lukewarm, as hot water is a double no-no. It could raise your core body temperature and get you sweating again, and it will also dry out your skin by removing the natural oils that serve as a protective barrier. 

You can multitask by using a moisturizing body wash that will not only help cleanse your skin but will also put moisture and hydration back into your skin. This is particularly important if you have dry skin. For extra tips on cleaning dry skin, read more.

Step 2: Moisturize

When it’s time to dry off, pat yourself gently with a towel rather than rubbing vigorously, as that creates friction and can damage and dry out your skin. Leave your skin still a little damp, rather than completely dry, as it’ll be able to adsorb the goodness from your moisturizer more easily. 

Apply your moisturizer as soon as possible, so that your moist skin can soak up all that hydration. You might want to use your favorite face moisturizer, body moisturizer, and hand cream so you’re completely covered. I like to keep a shower bag with my essential moisturizers to apply after showering on my vanity close by. I like to moisturize and immediately and put on some cozy socks which keeps my feet especially soft as the moisturizer is able to soak in quicker being trapped between the sock and my warm foot.

Step 3: Hydrate

It’s not just the surface that needs attention – your skin will also benefit from hydration from the inside, so make sure you drink enough water after your workout, too. This is important for your whole system. Sip water regularly throughout the day and you’ll see and feel the benefits.

Step 4: Clean Down

I’ll finish up with an extra point about what else you need to clean – because a post-workout cleaning routine doesn’t just involve cleaning dry skin. It’s a good idea to wipe down your gym equipment and gym accessories, as any lingering sweat could cause problems for your skin the next time you exercise.

Your exercise outfit is the final post-workout cleaning task you need to check off your list. The sooner you get it in the wash, the less likely stains and odors can set in. Now that you’ve got tips on how to take care of your skin after your workout, find out how to remove sweat stains so you can keep your workout gear clean too!

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