The Secret to Healthy Hair and Skin While You Sleep

No It’s not a night time skincare routine, it’s actually simpler. The secret to healthy hair and skin while you sleep is in mulberry silk. So while skincare and hair masks are made to help your skin while you catch some zzz’s, sleeping in mulberry silk will benefit your hair and skin as well. How you may ask? In this post, I am sharing all!

I have always had such clear skin and full bouncy hair, that is, until I hit my 30’s. I started to notice these little bumps along my jawline and on my cheeks, and my hair was starting to look frizzy and frayed. I researched all of the different skincare routines and hair masks, but nothing seemed to work. It wasn’t until I discovered mulberry silk that I began to see clearer skin and more tamed hair. The bumps on my jawline were not only due to my skin becoming more oily with the changing of hormones, but the cotton pillow I slept on just retained the oil, meaning I was sleeping on this dirty oil night after night. Mulberry silk does not retain oil which helped to clear my jawline right up! Not to mention, mulberry fabric os more gentle on the hair to reduce breakage!

Why does the most peaceful time of the day have to be your most vulnerable?  Why does your skin have to experience damage while you sleep?  Why does your hair have to be a mess in the morning?  Why are your allergies acting up in bedding that you constantly wash? What If I told you the key is in the fabric?

Blissy has formulated a completely natural and hypoallergenic silk designed to work wonders for your hair, skin and overall health while you sleep. Mulberry silk helps to protects your hair shafts so that when you move around while sleeping, your hair is not getting caught up in the sheets or unnecessarily rubbed on a cotton pillow case causing your hair to split and knot. No more mornings with a knotted up bed head, all you need is a Blissy Mulberry Silk Scrunchie to pull back your hair while you sleep. (Best used with your Blissy mulberry silk pillow)

Did you know your pillow can turn into a breeding ground for dust mites? Gross right? Blissy’s Mulberry silk pillowcase and sleep mask not only protects your hair from breakage, but the silk is hypoallergenic and therefore protects your skin and even prevents an allergen disturbance while you sleep. Also, sleeping on silk has been proven to keep your hair looking healthy as silk doesn’t soak up your hair’s natural hydration like a cotton pillowcase does. Head to pillow contact creates some serious friction between your hair and the pillowcase, and using silk can help to mitigate the friction reducing dry, brittle ends. Not to mention, sleeping on silk also helps to keep our hair frizz-free!

With so many benefits of Blissy, it would make sense to protect your immune system with a Blissy mask as well, right? Because these are silk, they are extremely gentle on your face, helping to reduce pimples that may occur around the mouth and jaw from wearing a mask daily while also helping to protect others in case you’re sick.

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