Things to Incorporate into Your Shower Routine

There’s so much more to having a shower than quickly getting clean. With a few new shower routine steps, you can make it a relaxing and invigorating process that gently and thoroughly cleanses your skin.

Set the Scene

First things first, make sure your bathroom is the perfect environment for a stress-free shower routine. This means it’s clutter-free and clean. If your bathroom doesn’t spark joy, then consider overhauling the space. You can get inspiration from my mini suite bathroom makeover.

Prep Your Hair Beforehand 

If you’re washing your hair you’ll want to get it tangle free before you step into the shower. Whether you use a brush or a comb, make sure you get those knots out while your hair is still dry. That’ll make it much easier to smooth your shampoo and conditioner right through to the ends without snagging on tangles and yanking out strands.

Go For Lukewarm Water

Hot water strips the skin of natural oils, and freezing cold water can inflame and irritate your skin, so set your temperature dial to lukewarm. Warm water will also help to open up the pores in your skin and get all the dirt out of your hair follicles.

Set Your Timer

You don’t have to literally set a timer, but the length of time you spend in the shower is an important part of your routine. If you have a very long shower you’ll remove the natural moisture and oils that your skin produces. Around 10 minutes is ideal.

Moisturize In the Shower

Sure, you’ll want to moisturize once you’re out of the shower, but you can start nourishing your skin while you’re cleaning it by using a moisturizing body wash. Choose a product that’s been formulated with your particular skin type in mind. There are different preferences across the globe when it comes to cleansing, from natural ingredients to fragrance-free options. For inspiration from around world on shower routine steps, read more

Thoroughly Rinse Your Hair Before and After

The way you apply water to your hair can make a big difference to the results of your hair wash. Let the lukewarm water flow through your hair for a good minute before you start with your shampoo. You’ll loosen up oil and dirt, so it’ll be easier to wash that out with shampoo. Lather up your shampoo in your hands before massaging it into your scalp with your fingertips (not nails!), focusing on the nape of your neck. Then rinse thoroughly, before smoothing the ends of your strands with conditioner, and rinsing again thoroughly.

Dry Gently

When it’s time to step out of the shower, swap that vigorous, fast drying motion for a gentle, slow, dabbing motion. Sure, it’ll take a little longer, but rubbing your skin briskly with a towel can damage and irritate delicate skin. Don’t go all the way to bone dry, either – slightly damp skin will absorb moisturizer better. 

Moisturize Straight Away 

Move quickly to apply your moisturizer, as it’ll sink in and do its thing much more easily if it’s applied to damp skin. Just like with your body wash, choose a specialised lotion that suits your skin. It’s a good idea to have different moisturizers for your body, your face, and your hands, as each of these areas have different requirements. 

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