Three common business problems that can be solved by a call handling service

All businesses have challenges to overcome, and running a small business from home is no exception. In fact, having your own business is often even more difficult, as all of the responsibilities fall on you simultaneously. As such, it’s important to acknowledge areas of your business that would benefit from a little outside help, leaving you time to focus on the things you’re best at. 

One of the most useful tools for a growing business to utilise is a call handling service, which helps you manage your incoming calls, queries and bookings. Here, we explore three common business problems that can be solved by a call handling service.

Feeling overwhelmed

As your business grows, it’s possible that you could spend all day on your phone, responding to FAQs, answering potential customers and booking appointments. Whilst having a lot of potential sales is a great place to be in, it can become overwhelming and leave you struggling to stay on top of everything. Hiring a receptionist is an expensive move, whereas a call handling service is a cheaper and more complete solution.

Not only can they act as a first point of call for all of your customer service interactions, but they can relay messages and even schedule bookings for you, too. This frees you up to be doing what you do best, designing and delivering incredible services.

Your customers struggle to get hold of you

If your new or existing customers are calling and finding nothing but your voicemail, they can become frustrated and are more likely to look elsewhere for the services they require. Although you may be busy working, or perhaps conversing with another customer, those who are being ignored can leave bad reviews which can tarnish your reputation.

By having a 24/7 call handling service answer each and every one of your enquiries, you’ll never miss a phone call again – plus you’ll spend less time on the phone and be better able to prioritise your workload.

Struggling to switch off

When it comes to your customers or clients, you naturally want to be there for them consistently and deliver first class customer service. But with a limited number of hours in each day, the scales can quickly become tilted out of balance and leave you struggling to manage both your customers and your services.

Running a one-man show is a tough gig, and at times it can be difficult to switch off from work and allow yourself some down time. When you outsource your HR responsibilities, you eliminate the chance of being disturbed during your out of office hours by customer communications. Not only does this allow you to relax and avoid burnout, but it also ensures your customers feel heard at all times – which preserves your reputation and brand integrity.

Work smarter, not harder

As you can see, taking on a little external help can benefit your business massively. With a trusted service ensuring every one of your clients are heard and answered instantly, you can continue to offer a professional and trustworthy service as your business grows.

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