Tiger’s Blood and A New Years Resolution

Everyone has been asking me what is going on over in Alex land. Some of my stores have closed, I have been shuffling around strategies, I am downsizing in every aspect….well I am ready to close 2017 with the resolution I began it with, being transparent. So here it goes, I am exposing myself to the world in hopes that my story will help other entrepreneurs from making the same mistakes or at the least, to let other entrepreneurs know, they aren’t alone.

A very smart lady once told me, “Some years ask questions and some years answer them.” Well let me tell you, 2017 continuously asked questions…over and over and over.
I have been in business for 5 years. The first 4 years I was executing my dream successfully, creating the life that I had always imagined for my family. My plans for a rapid growth strategy seemed to be going as planned and my boutique was on the road to corporate status! I couldn’t have been any happier. All was going as fabulously until, BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE.

Just as quick as the 4 new The Ivory Closet locations opened, they closed and my once debt free operation was maxed out on all credit lines. How did I get here? How can 1 bad year take down 4 years of unbelievable success? How am I having a RECORD YEAR at my The Ivory Closet Overton Square location but struggling to keep my nose above water. And just like that I find myself back at square one. Many would give up and close up shop. Many would be ashamed, feel like a failure, go into depression. I can honestly say, failure and shameful were both emotions I was experiencing this fall. I walked around with a fragile smile, my spirits totally broken, and tears ready to fall at any moment. I spent the days full of fear that someone may ask the wrong question and I wouldn’t be able to fight off a break down. Everything seemed to be falling apart. The franchises were not operating as planned, my car was broken into twice and then actually stolen out of my driveway (that part happened last week), we had a few medical scares, what a world wind! One thing I knew to be true, I am the backbone to my family. If I fall apart, my family falls apart. Mommy needs to be strong for her boys. Mommy needs to fight for everything she has worked so hard for. I have always been so confident and sure, never fearing risk as I always succeed… for the first time ever, I was afraid. I began to question myself. I felt weakness to the core and that’s when I snapped out of it.

I decided in October that enough was enough. I have grieved over my recent failures far too long. I needed to devise a plan. After all, this is my career, one that I have loved the entire time I have built upon it. I realized that all small businesses have their obstacles. I am not the true entrepreneur that I have been so proud to be if I just walk away. Would I want my boys to know that I gave up?
Of course, as thoughts like these go through my head, I pump myself up and really get amped, thinking to myself, “I am a Memphian at heart with tiger’s blood in my veins and a determination that my city was built with. Memphis was founded on dreams and I wouldn’t be a true Memphian if I didn’t fight until the end.” And then…the Rocky song started playing in my head… haha Ok, Ok the Rocky song didn’t pop up in my head but I did amp myself up enough to begin my 2018 resolution writing.

BUSINESS – Eliminate all weights. Only operate the parts of my business that are profitable and more importantly, that I enjoy. Disolve the rest immediately. In 2018 I will be continuing my The Ivory Closet Online store and Overton Square location, City Chic Living Blog, Ivory Closet Couture fashion line, and Adel Amor Cosmetics brands and services. These are the pieces of my business that I enjoy, that are profitable, that have a future. I will reconsider franchising after revising the franchise plan, setting hard expectations on both sides and putting more rules into place.
HEALTH – With the stress of 2017’s issues, I have completely thrown my health out of the window and since everyone knows by now that I am an extremest and have to go all the way in anything that I do, I am making a complete life change in 2018. I invite anyone who wants to join in with me to come along on this journey. 
  1. First 5 days of 2018 – Prep for the Amazing Grass Detox. Drink 8 oz of water per day. Cut all coffee, soft drinks, and alcohol. Eat completely green and fresh. (See DETOX PLAN here)
  2.  Do 5 Day Green Grass Detox

3. Continue 2018 as a Pescatarian (only seafood when it comes to meat), fried free, only liquid  intake being water, tea, or natural juices, and working out 3 days per week. I want to finally feel my mind and body at it’s maximum potential so I can rock my life in 2018.

Want to join me? Leave a note in the comments and we can support each other in a healthier lifestyle!

Whew…so I have to admit, being completely transparent with all that has been going on was pretty scary but as for my final piece to my resolution, I want to be lean in my relationships. What I mean by that is, I want to share the real with my family, friends, and readers. Cut out the fear of judgement and just be me. After all, I’m not afraid to admit…I like me and I owe it to others and myself to not fake it until I make it but to be real and not try to portray humanity as perfect all of the time! After all, life IS beautiful but it is also ugly at times. We would all be doing each other a favor if we were true in our journey together and just cut out the BS!  *SATISFYING SMILE*

Hi! I'm Alexandra

I am an entrepreneur, author, and mom of 3 from Memphis, Tennessee. I fill my days pursuing the dream of being my own boss as a full time influencer and sensory marketing specialist while spending my evenings playing superheros, helping with homework, making dinner, and tucking in my littles.

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  1. 2.7.18

    congratulations on your power moves on being led by your true feelings in the start of the new year. I am so honored and proud to know you. We are family, but I am sitting here with a deep love for your honesty as a friend and supporter also. I and anyone reading will see themselves in your strong words. Truth is. The most important person to be happy with is yourself. Your happiness with your decisions, has us all happy for you. Forward is the only way to go. You inspire me. !

  2. 2.7.18
    Kaci Ally said:

    I have a similar New Year's resolution in regards to health! Only grilled meats (mostly fish), veggies, and water with the occasional coffee or juice. I also intend to exercise at least three times a week as well. We can do it! Great blog post, sending love your way!