Tips for Designing Your Retail Store Layout

Owning a retail store is one of the best business ventures. It’s necessary to create the perfect floor layout to entice customers. Follow these great tips for designing your retail store layout and arranging the best space!

Start With a Retail Floor Plan

Whether you have a large or small store, your floor plan impacts the shopping experience. Business owners can select six basic layouts, including grid, loop, free-flow, diagonal, angular, and forced-path layouts. For retail stores, loop floor plans are the best because they lead shoppers around the space. Free-flow plans are also great because customers can easily locate different sections.

Don’t Overcrowd Spaces

Regardless of your floor plan, avoid overcrowding spaces. Too many displays, product options, or miscellaneous items create an overwhelming experience. Additionally, it makes stores appear messy. Carefully arrange products in various sections to maximize the floor plan and make the store more visually pleasing.

Appeal to Various Senses

While designing your retail store layout, you should appeal to various senses. Of course, taste doesn’t apply to all retail stores, but touch, sight, smell, and sound make a pleasant shopping experience. Give customers easy access to products on shelves and displays. Furthermore, play upbeat music and incorporate air fresheners throughout the space. When people feel comfortable, they’ll likely spend extra time in the store and purchase items.

Always Cross-Merchandise

What products in your store pair with each other? Maybe maxi dresses and sandals create the perfect outfit. Perhaps the line of body oils and lotions hydrate skin well. Cross-merchandising encourages customers to purchase items together. While arranging the store, don’t forget to group products together to increase sales.

Don’t Forget About the Stock Room

A store’s layout appeals to customers, and it’s smart to create a floor plan that aligns with your merchandise. Don’t forget about your warehouse or stock room layout too! This is where employees grab items to replenish the store. To manage the space, create a custom warehouse layout with partition walls to arrange items. Good organizational skills go a long way, especially for retail stores!

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