Top 5 Mom Hacks from a Mom of 2

I have spent the past 4 years learning mom hacks to be the best, most efficient mom I can be. Of course, this was all learned by trial and error and some of these things may not work for your mom routine but they have done wonders for mine!


Fall Asleep as Fast as Possible

Holy moly have I been sleep deprived for the past couple of years. Just when I got my oldest out of my bed and sleeping on his own through the night, I became pregnant with my second and the sleepless nights soon followed upon his arrival. Two things have all but forced me into a sleep coma, which I would only recommend once your baby gets to be about 6 months old and sleeping their own crib. (This little combo works for all women as well, mom or not)


There are so many medications you can take for sleep but being a person who literally only takes medication if I feel like I am dying, I decided to research the most natural method to sleep and I hit the jackpot!

Melatonin is a hormone secreted by the pineal gland which inhibits melanin formation and is thought to be concerned with regulating the reproductive cycle. It also helps control your daily sleep-wake cycles. Your body’s internal clock (also known as your circadian rhythm) influences how much melatonin the pineal gland makes, and so does the amount of light that you’re exposed to each day. In this circumstance, we would be using this hormone to induce sleep, and im my experience, a very deep, productive sleep. Please note, melatonin should not be used long-term. There have been concerns with using this product daily for 2 years as there is a possibility of dependency and depression.

I use Olly’s Restful Sleep melatonin gummies. They are tasty and very effective. I feel myself getting super drowsy 30 minutes after eating two gummies.


Carefully Curated Bed

A bed fit just to your preference is important when catching Zzzz’s. Before, I never placed a high value on my bedding or mattress but after becoming pregnant with my first son and suffering from many uncomfortable, sleepless nights, I decided to go mattress and bedding shopping.

Right now, I am sleeping peacefully and soundly on Ghost Bed’s Fitted Sheet Set. I love that this bedding is made with the most premium fibers. The king set comes with two sizes of pillow cases for king and standard pillows and the grip on the fitted sheet always keeps this bedding in place.

ghost bed.png


Ditch Zombie Mom

Ok…so we all know what zombie mom is and if we don’t, we have all experienced it!

Zombie Mom | a super sleepy momma that is struggling to keep her lids open while going through her daily routine. She knows that closing her eyes could mean danger for her little ones so she desperately tries to remain alert!

I experience zombie mom every time I don’t get enough sleep. While melatonin helps with this, there are nights when melatonin is not an option. For example, nights that I need to get caught up with work I am forced to stay up entirely too late. I have fallen in love with a morning cup of SUPER JOE, or espresso. Now, I know espressos don’t agree with everyone’s taste buds. It actually didn’t agree with mine either in the beginning, but if doctored up properly, your can enjoy this little cup and get the energy you need to power through the day! I use a scoop of Truvia and a splash of milk to make my cup perfect!

I recently purchased the Mueller Espresso Machine and I am in love!


Delivery Service Galore

The evolution of the delivery service for commodities has made shopping for a single parent so much easier! Having one small child is a challenge to shop with alone, but when you add a second to the equation, it can cause a nervous breakdown. I remember the first time I attempted the grocery store with both of my boys alone. Tears did fall and anxiety almost had me throwing a temper tantrum on the floor. I always say with 100% honesty. This was the first time I had felt defeated as an adult. My two most favorite delivery services are listed below.

Amazon Dash Wand by Alexa

Flip your wand and VOILE, it is instantly on it’s way to your doorstep. The all new Amazon Dash Wand with Alexa helps you find recipes, convert cups to ounces, buy and reorder essentials, find nearby restaurants and more. Say it or scan a barcode. It’s added to your shopping cart. Just say “paper towels.” The wand is very durable and convenient as it is water-resistant and magnetic so you can stick it on your fridge. 


Kroger Pick Up

Can’t wait for a delivery? Try the pickup service at your local grocery store. Kroger’s pick up service has made it super easy for me to just drive up and grab my groceries for the week without even having to unload the kiddos!



Button Up Tops

The versatility of this trend is an absolute must for a mom’s closet. Oversized button ups can be worn as tunics with leggings, tied up to be worn as a blousey top, worn open as a duster with a pair of jeans, or worn over your bathing suit as a cover up. It’s a no brainer and super simple, stock your closet with oversized button ups!


Self Love

Yea, yea…every mom hears it and kind of poo poo’s it off. I know I did originally but constantly doing for others, it is super easy to forget yourself. Taking time to cultivate self love into your personal relationship with yourself is not meant to be guilt ridden, it’s needed for your mental sanity. You are not able to be the best mom you can be if your mental state is not strong. I like to take the time to enjoy a good read or to create through cooking or painting.  I challenge you to make a list of your 3 favorite activities and try one each week. You will notice your spirits rising and your overall aura much brighter.

Have some mom hacks of your own? Please share in the comments below! We can all learn from each other on how to be more effective moms!





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