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I have really struggled with the changes to my body after baby number 2. It’s not necessarily the way I look that has me less than satisfied, but it’s the way my weight has shifted and my body reacts to dieting and fitness that has me puzzled. Learning that the key to keeping my mom body tame is to embrace the health and fitness tracker method to staying fit, has helped me to better understand the types of activities that produce results. With the  understanding of this method and the help of these fitness accessories,  you too can better understand your body so that you may be able to identify more body responsive strategies to achieve the look you have been longing for!

The items that I will be sharing with you below have worked wonders for re-understanding my body and what works when it comes to burning fat and staying lean. I have been into fitness my entire life and honestly have felt that I know all there is to dieting and producing results. After trying some of the fitness accessories below I came to the realization that there is much, much more for me to learn. With these accessories, I am constantly rediscovering myself and uncovering new more effective methods to getting my desired the shape and weight.

Fitness Accessories

FitTrack Health and Fitness Tracker

Fitness Accessories

The FitTrack Scale and App allows you to be proactive while also identifying more direct threats. This is part of the Health and Fitness Tracker method that I was speaking about in my opener. As we get older, it is important to track our movements and activity daily to look for trends and become more aware of our health and the effects of fitness.

The FitTrack makes top of the list for fitness accessories because it is able to measure 17 key health and fitness metrics using its BIA Technology (Bioelectric Impedance Technology). The metal pads on the scale send a very low, unnoticeable electrical signal through your feet, legs, and abdomen. This signal passes through the water within your hydrated muscle tissue and meeting resistance when it hits fat tissue. This allows it to measure certain body metrics more accurately.  If you are pregnant or have a pacemaker, this accessory is NOT for you.

I was shocked to know that while I am standard in most of my metrics, I ranked high in subcutaneous fat. This is the fat between the bones and outer skin. Now I am able to specifically research ways to cut this fat through dieting and exercise while monitoring my progress through the FitTrack health and fitness tracker.
Click the image below for more details on the FitTrack.

Apple Watch – Health and Fitness Tracker

FItness Accessories

I love that the health benefits of owning an Apple Watch have drastically improved through the years.  With the Series 4 you practically carry your own mini health monitor everywhere you go! The watch will notify you if you have a high, or alternatively a low, heart rate. If you take a hard tumble, the watch can notify emergency personnel. It can detect when you need a breather and will send you a reminder to take a moment to yourself. A mini ECG machine as well? With the ECG app, Apple Watch is capable of generating an ECG similar to a single-lead electrocardiogram. Talk about advanced health technology literally in the palm of your hands. Of course you can also track the basics; steps, exercise, calories burned, etc.

I have synced my watch with my iPhone’s Health app so that it complies all of my data from the FitTrack app and StepBet. This helps me to get an even bigger picture of my activities and their relation to my physical health.
Click the image below to learn all about the benefits for the Apple Watch.


Are Fitness Trackers Accurate?
Wristband fitness trackers are most accurate for recording daily movements but not the best when trying to calculate calories burned. They do not take into account all of your personal body stats needed to accurately calculate calories burned. My Apple Watch helps me to track activity while my FitTrack works to give me more of an internal view.

Do fitness trackers improve health?
Health and fitness trackers are designed to be one of the most important fitness accessories and if used on a daily basis, they can absolutely give you the tools you need to greatly improve your health. Fitness trackers have been widely used to monitor weight, sleeping, eating and exercising giving you the insight needed to promote healthier habits.

MitoQ Supplement

MitoQ FItness Accessories

Talk about major Women’s Health and Fitness! While MitoQ doesn’t necessarily fit into the fitness accessories category traditionally, this supplement is unlike any other supplement I have ever discovered. After researching it’s benefits and the breakthrough in cellular science that this little capsule represents, I have vowed to keep this supplement as a daily accessory to aid in my fitness and health.

“A world-first, MitoQ is a mitochondria-targeted CoQ10 antioxidant, which is absorbed through the mitochondrial membrane and directly into the body of the mitochondria, hundreds of times more effectively than regular CoQ10 supplements. Mitochondria use MitoQ® to re-line the mitochondrial membrane, helping to maintain its structural integrity and support the defensive barrier.  This means that free radicals can be neutralized, and their levels can be contained, delivering a double benefit; normal energy production continues unaffected,  the risk of harm to our delicate cell equipment can be reduced. MitoQ® is the most-studied mitochondrial-targeted antioxidant.  To date, over $60 million of independent research and over 350 peer-reviewed articles have been published, successfully testing MitoQ® across a range of
health-related applications.” – MitoQ
Click the image below for more details on MitoQ.

StepBet Game

StepBet Fitness Accessories

This is such an interesting app/game that acts as a competition as well as a Health and Fitness Tracker. In StepBet you bet $40 that you can meet your daily step goal over 6 weeks. If you meet your goal, you get your $40 back plus you get to split the pot from other participants in the game who did not meet their goal! If you fail to complete your goal? Whomp, Whomp. You forfeit the money you originally bet ($40). Sounds fun huh?

I have a game going live June 26th and would love for you to join! Just click here to get the app and search my name “ALEXANDRA” to find my game! Just a little hint…the first week of the 6 week challenge is a practice round and doesn’t count. Want to start your own game? You can rally your besties up and go head to head right on the StepBet app!


Fitness Accessories

Part of staying fit is feeling amazing in your skin and confident that you look good while hitting up the gym. Looking the part really helps to motivate me in any setting where I am trying to succeed so there is no surprise that the proper fitness fashion would get me in the right mood to sweat. My most favorite fitness brand is Fabletics! I love how their outfits look so sleek, enhance my shape and slim my waistline. I have even been known to venture out to the gym in a high-waisted legging and sports bra set. I have not had that type of confidence since high school! Want to sign up for their monthly subscription where you can get two pairs of slimming leggings, together valued at over $70, for only $24? Click here.

All of these amazing fitness accessories are super innovative and unique to women’s health and fitness especially if you are older than 30 and you are experiencing the slowing down of your metabolism.

I would love to know what you think about these amazing products! Leave your comments below.

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