Tudor Style Dining Room Reveal

You all know how I love a mix of traditional and chic when it comes to my home décor style. I was totally inspired by the architecture of our home to design our dining room with a bit of inspiration from the Tudor era. In this post, I am sharing a little bit of old, mixed with the new, and how you can DIY your way to beautiful floral arrangement pieces.

I decided to go with a bench, Tudor style table. I didn’t purchase the original chairs that went with the table, but instead mixed and matched chairs I had around the house with a few that I used in my old dining room. I love how the seating mixture really helps to bring a more formal yet modern touch to such an old style. The table also has a leaf that can be used so that it seats 8 people which will be perfect for hosting Christmas at our house this year!

For the centerpiece, I decided to do a bunch of mixed metal candlesticks. Notice that the candle size needed for each stick is different. This really brings a romantic mood to the room when all the different candles are lit and the lights are dimmed. To keep with an older look, I found a clay water canister to use as my centerpiece, and chose wispy floral pieces paired with traditional full bloomed roses for a little drama.

I have learned through my research in room décor, that lighting is EVERYTHING. The type of lighting fixture, the color of the bulb, even the intensity of the bulb. I picked the gold wagon wheel chandelier to further annunciate the elegant Tudor style and chose dim, yellow bulbs to imitate candles.

Of course, I am huge on traditional china at the dinner table so come sort of china cabinet or buffet was a must. I went with a buffet so that I could not only house my grandmother’s china, but so that I could use it to display delicious platters during hosted dinners. Now for the special accents. Greg calls them nick, knacks but the mean so much more to me.

I love to sprinkle each room with heirlooms and my dining room is no different. On my buffet, I have a few of my late grandmother’s crystal perfume bottles. While perfume is normally housed in the bathroom, unique items like this can even be elegant outside of their original setting. My mother-in-law gave me a pair of bird table pieces for Christmas last year. I was instantly in love with them. One is in my office and the other nestled neatly on top of a few old books that I found up in the attic.

The floral arrangement on my buffet was a DIY project. I wanted an antique look but nothing too big, so I went to Antique Warehouse and found this brass pitcher. It was really patinaed so I purchased some brass cleaner and shined it right up. As with my main floral arrangement, I chose a mixture of wispy and traditional pieces to make a mini buffet arrangement. I have often used this piece on our kitchen buffet for Sunday Brunch to “pretty it up” a bit.

If you love the Tudor inspired dining room, feel free to share the “pinnable” image below to your favorite home décor Pinterest board!

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  1. 9.29.21
    Habattach said:

    Very beautiful! I am so impressed by your dinning room. I found great ideas. Thanks a lot for sharing.

    • 11.9.21
      Alexandra Nicole said:

      Thank you so so much for reading and following along!