Understand How Your Body Responds to Food

A poop test, sugar monitoring, and lab blood results. The Zoe Test includes all of the above as well as a specialized diet plan that tells you the foods that you should be intaking to best work with your body. Amazing right? Check out my results and review in this post.

So I received my Zoe kit in the mail and it contained a blood glucose reader, blood test, poop test, and a few bags of muffins for triggering sugar levels. In order to complete your testing to submit to Zoe, you will need to dedicate three days and follow the instructions very carefully. After sending in your materials, Zoe will send your detailed report via email and it will look something like this. (See mine below)

Microbes Linked To Health

Remember the good ole’ poop test? I must admit, I am pretty alarmed by the findings. It seems that my gut health is at high risk. There are 15 “good bacteria” that we should have in our gut and I am only showing findings of one while the “bad bacteria” seems to be prevalent. The good news is, My Zoe insights test has pin pointed the specific foods that will help me to better balance my gut and increase the levels of good bacteria. This is what my Zoe test reported.

Yea, I am a little embarrassed and shocked at how terrible my gut health is at the moment. No wonder I have been sluggish, having skin issues, and my metabolism has seemed to slow down. Now let’s take a look at blood sugar control.

Blood Sugar Control

Your blood sugar control measures your body’s sugar spikes and dips which can lead to dietary inflamation when eating certain carb-rich foods. Controlling blood sugar spikes helps your body to control hunger, sustain energy, reduce inflammation, and reduce risk of diabetes and heart disease. Gut health supplements may help you with that, if you’re interested, pop over this website to read more. At least I have something positive to report here. My blood sugar control is within normal range, not “excellent” on the scale but at least I fall within “good” range.

Blood Fat Control

Last, Zoe measures your blood fat control. Certain foods release fats that will circulate in your body longer than others. On average, it takes 6 to 8 hours for blood fats to clear your body after a single meal. The blood fat control test will measures your body’s ability to handle fat rich foods. Having a low blood fat also helps to reduce dietary inflammation which is better for your long term health. See my results below. Another, not so good, report card.

So it is pretty clear, I have some major work to do, but not all is lost! Zoe has helped me to pinpoint where I need to improve. When you sign up for Zoe, not only do you take the detailed test, but they also assign you a nutrition coach and customize your Zoe app so that you can check your foods before intake and record everything you eat. I have recently started my health journey and invite you to do the same! Zoe has a waiting list, but they have provided me with an expedited link. Anyone who signs up here will get pushed to the front of the line. Cheers to good health and I will be reporting back after 3 months with my health journey results!

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