Unique DIY Curtain Tieback

Before I share my very unique do-it-yourself curtain tie back, let me go ahead and address the question everyone asks. Are curtain tie backs old fashioned? Well, considering that they date back to the 16th Century, you could definitely say they are classic but far from old-fashioned. In my new dining room that I have been working on for almost two years now, I am paying homage to some of my favorite eras, the 20s, Tudor Times, and the 16th Century Renaissance age. I know, quite the mixture, and I will be doing a big reveal as soon as all of my pieces arrive. However, my latest dining-room project was to create eye-catching curtain tie-backs since I can’t find anything unique in store.

This project kind of began backwards. I was perusing one of my favorite Midtown shops, Paradox at PeCo (there IG,) and discovered these beautiful tassel “do-hickeys.” I call them do-hickeys because I knew I needed to have them but had no clue what I would do with them. I thought about hanging them on my door knobs but knew my husband would end up taking them off. Then I thought about incorporating them into my decorative towels in the half-bath but my boys always rub their Cheeto fingers on those. Then the idea came to me, I will make curtain tie-backs for my new dining-room. After all, the dining room is only used on occasions and therefore neither my husband or kids frequent the space enough to mess with my tassels.

After gathering the supplies needed to get the job done, this project was super easy and only took 30 minutes to complete.

Supplies Needed

Paradox at PeCo Tassles (they have tons of different colors and medallions)

Fringe Chiffon Ribbon you can also use a fringed velvet ribbon

Antique Hooks

Drill and Screws (for securing hooks)

Unique Antique Style Curtain Tiebacks

First, I secure my curtain tieback hook to the wall. Be sure to take measurements on how far your hook sits from the window frame and floor. You will want to make sure that you secure a hook on the other side of your window in the exact same spot.

Then, I took a long strand of my ribbon and neatly tied my tassel in the middle. As you can see, I was very particular about the way I tied my knot so that it did not look messy or bunched up.

The last part is all about “eyeballing” it. I pulled the ribbon around my curtains and tied them back on the hook with a bow. If you do not want a bow tieback, you can always sew the ribbon together to make a full loop and then cut off any excess ribbon at the tieback.

These tie backs are are one of a kind and pair so lovely with my dining-room. Stay tuned for the full dining-room reveal FINALLY posting next month. Just waiting on my new chairs and rug.

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