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As a single mom of two my evenings can get pretty hectic and overwhelming. Once I pick the kiddos up from daycare, it’s playtime, dinner, bathtime, and the occasional struggle to meet the bedtime goal. With Veestro chef crafted meals, dinner is seamless and leaves more time for family bonding.


My Veestro meals arrive freshly packed on my door step with dry ice. I was very excited to try these variety of dinners that arrived and was thrilled that I did not actually have to prepare them. Each meal was ready to be baked!


Every single one of the dishes were delish! I was shocked that they were all plant based and preservative free. In the past, super healthy foods tend to be bland and tasteless. Veestro offers gluten-free, soy-free, kosher, nut-free, high protein and low calorie meals.

I normally do not like a chicken quesadilla with anything other than cheese but to my surprise, the Chick’n Quesadilla meal was the best in my opinion. I could not believe that it was plant based chicken and full of vegetables. My favorite part was the bean sauce that I spread over the top once it came out of the oven.


Most of the time I cooked my meals in the oven for dinner but one morning I was running late so I snagged the Country Fried Chick’n meal and rushed off to work. Normally, microwaved meals are kind of lousy, and no offense, in my past experience, frozen vegan meals have been pretty bland. I was shocked and left craving more country fried vegan chicken after scarfing down my Veestro meal. I honestly could not tell the difference in the vegan meat versus the real chicken.


I loved that Veestro also offers recipes from a wide variety of backgrounds. I fell in love with the Red Curry meal. It was tasted fresh and flavorful while leaving my tummy full and satisfied.

I was completely satisfied with my week of Veestro. There truly was not one meal that I wouldn’t eat on a weekly basis.
Want to try these amazing meals? Veestro has 3 different plans to choose from: A la Carte (you choose the meals you want), Chef’s Choice (let Veestro’s chef choose the top dishes), or Weight Loss (3 meals per day equalling 1200 calories).

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Let me know your personal review on Veestro after trying in the comments below!


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