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Last week I had a relaxing massage experience like no other! Feather’s Spa in the Peabody Hotel has the only Vichy Shower Bed in the state of Tennessee and I can speak from experience, it is worth the travel! What is a Vichy bed and how can it benefit you? In this post I will share my Feather’s Spa and Vichy bed experience.

I have been to Feather’s Spa for many massages in the past and was very excited to try their newest treatment. I noticed upon arrival to the that they had completely renovated the spa. If you have visited before and have not experienced the new look, it is totally worth setting up an appointment, but what is even more exciting is the new service offering in the spa.

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After signing in, I went back into the women’s locker room to get into my swimsuit and robe. I was thrilled to see an offering of champagne and strawberries in the serene waiting area while I filled out my intake form.


The Vichy Shower Bed experience was amazing! The service includes a full body scrub treatment, steam massage and chromo light therapy, and aromatherapy that creates a multi-sensory hydrotherapy body treatment. My skin was so soft after my treatment and I could also tell that my skin was very hydrated as it was supple and glowing! For more long term benefits, the Vichy bed provides an immunity boost by stimulating lymphatic circulation.

After my Vichy Bed massage, I enjoyed a full body swedish massage to infuse extra moisture into the skin and relax the muscles.

If you or a fam/friend will be traveling to Memphis soon, you have got to add the Vichy Bed Experience to your to do list! Share the experience with your Pinterest friends via the “pinnable” image below!

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