Wet Bar Renovation feat. Home Outlet

You all know my little home has been a work in progress and I almost have it PERFECT! There are a few little nooks and crannies that I want to update, my wet bar being one of them. I am a wine gal and have always wanted a wine closet in my family room, so why not? In this post I will show you my before photo and also the materials I will use from Home outlet to do the job!

While all opinions and product choices are my own, this post is sponsored in partnership with Home Outlet.

Home Outlet is my favorite store for renovating my new home on a budget and I am at it again. One of the selling points of my new home was the wet bar in the living room however it was a little outdated. No worries, John at Home Outlet helped me to plan my project and find all of the materials for my renovation.

First we looked at cabinets. As you will see in my before picture below, the cabinets are very basic and I really wanted something a little more detailed. The bevel in the drawer on the North Timber Harbor collection was very elegant and the price is only $101 per 15″ cabinet! What a steal!

There also were so many affordable hardware options to choose from for further customization of my cabinetry. They even had trendy gold options available!

Currently, I have a laminate top in my bar area that has been painted black. It is not the greatest look. At Home Outlet, you can get a granite countertop for as little as $180 a slab. I chose one of these beautiful pieces of granite but you will have to wait to see which one I went with.

As you can see in my before picture below, I have folding doors with hideous gold knobs to hide my little wet bar. I have never been a fan, and have been looking to do something different. I know once I get my bar complete, I will want to show it off so I chose paned double doors. When I close the doors, you can still see all of my beautiful crystal and shelf fixtures. There are so many different types of solid wood doors to choose from at Home Outlet.

To add a little extra accent to my wet bar, I have decided to wallpaper the inside with paper from my absolute favorite wallpaper company, Photowall!

Above you see my wet bar as it is today. So much potential but lacking pizazz. Just as Home Outlet has helped me so many times in the past (see my bathroom makeover) I know they are the perfect partner for this renovation! Stay tuned to see the after photo of my wet bar turned wine closet project.

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  1. 5.31.20

    Wow, you seem to have a TON of home decorating talent! Can you come help me out??? Ha, ha! My kiddos are at the age now where I don’t have to watch them every second, so I just now feel as though I’m coming out of the mommy fog… Ha, ha! And I’m excited to start decorating our home and touching it up a bit. It feels a bit overwhelming, but I’m excited to start! 🙂

    • 6.1.20
      Alexandra Nicole said:

      Thank you so much!!! I love Home Outlet for all of my projects! They are super affordable. I also love to check out Pinterest for ideas. My oldest is 5 so he is able to help keep my 2 year old occupied while I work on projects but I totally get the mommy fog!