What is Microblading and Does it Work?

Does microblading work? What is Microblading? Only the best thing that has happened to my face since I had eyebrows! Yes, yes, you all know I am a product of the 90’s fashion and with that came a Rachel cut and thin brows. Unfortunately, thin IS NOT IN, and my brows never got the memo. Thanks to my new discovery, I can kick my shapers in to gear and get that great structure back all in about 2 hours! In this post I will be sharing my experience and my microblading before and after.



This chick right here is the brow-fairy! Her worldly name is April and she formally trained in San Diego, CA at Aleksandra Maniušė’s Deluxe Brows Microblading Academy with brow master Kim Zenovic. She is without a doubt a self proclaimed perfectionist and it shows in her determination to create the brows you’ve always dreamed about.

no brows-1


This chick is a tired entrepreneur momma that over plucked in the days of grunge and Nirvana. Now she just wants to feel like her face doesn’t disappear when she wears minimal makeup and feels that brows are the answer, better yet, a microblading eyebrow procedure should do the trick!


So she visited the brow-fairy at ARD Studios and bippity-boppity-BROWS!


Now, the brow-fairy told her that she would look like Angry Bird at first (she totally told me this) but give it a few weeks and my wish would be granted! In the picture above, she had just finished the Microblading process and put some wrap on my face to let it soak in a bit, but when the wrap came off and she wiped the excess ink away…


My brows were in full force! They looked amazing with no stroke out of place. Now the picture above is immediately after my brows were worked on. Below is what your brows will look like almost 3 weeks later. Over the next two weeks after getting the initial application, your brows will look much darker and begin to crust up a bit. Kind of like getting a tattoo, the brows will begin to heal and lighten in which you will need a touch up session to complete to perfection. The photo below is right before my touch up session!


So does Microblading work? Abso-freakin’-lutely, but I must warn. You need to choose someone that you trust and know does a great job. Ask your friends for referrals and check out before and after photos of your brow gal’s work. I know from watching April precisely measure my face and with an extremely steady hand, construct the perfect brow that hiring someone who knows what they are doing is KEY!

Want your very own, HELLO GORGEOUS package and PERFECT BROWS? Call or text April at ARD Studio (901-661-6657) and book your appointment! Her appointments go super fast so don’t wait. Oh, and just for being a City Chic Living follower, mention my blog once you book your appointment and you will get 10% off!
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