Wine Review: Masciarelli Wines

When it comes to wine brands and wineries, I have all the details for you! Today I am sharing Masciarelli Tenute Agricole, an artisanal Italian wine company that has kept their family flair throughout the years. In this post, I will share my review on Masciarelli Villa Gemma, a small, boutique, family-owned winery and also a little more about their wine resort!

Masciarelli Is the largest, privately owned company for vineyards size in Abruzzo. With vineyards and olive groves in all 4 provinces of Abruzzo and +60 plots of vineyards, biodiversity and sustainability have played a large part in the brand of this mother-daughter, family business team.

I had the pleasure of trying a Rose and Colline Teatine Bianco from the Villa Gemma product portfolio, one of Masciarelli’s 7 incredible brands of wine. This wine spends 24 hours in contact with the grape before fermentation in stainless steel and then is aged for about 5-6 months before being bottled.

The Villa Gemma Colline Teatine Bianco is a delightful and fresh wine made with the pecorino grape. With this wine, you will experience apple, pear, and floral flavors with a soft palette pleasing finish. I will definitly add Colline Teatine Bianco to my spring/summer wine collection.

I am also a huge rose fan but was surprised to see the Villa Gemma rose was much darker than any other rose that I have tried before. The unexpected color added to my curiosity and I couldn’t wait to give it a try. The rich cherry and strawberry flavors really stand out and contribute to the hue of this flavorful medium bodied wine. I prefer more of a dry finish on my roses and the Villa Gemma rose did not disappoint. This rose fit my palette perfectly and should be added to the list of roses to try for the wine connoisseur.

The mother daughter duo of the Masciarelli duo don’t stop at just wine, they even have their very own wine resort, Castello di Semivicoli (pictured above), for those who want to wine for the week. This year they are celebrating their 40th anniversary! What better time to experience the flavors, views, and experience of the Masciarelli brand?

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