4 Fashion Essentials for Snow Skiing

It’s been a while since I have snow skied on Snowshoe Mountain, but if you are taking a trip to the lodge this winter season, there are several fashion essentials that you MUST pack!

4 Essentials for a Day on the Slopes
Proper Headgear
Many people prefer the waterproof ski masks that cover the mouth but I am not a fan. The precipitation from your breath causes the mouth part to get moist and uncomfortable. I prefer the headgear that clips below the chin so that it stays put when I am flying down the slopes and that has some sort of faux fur lined on the inside that covers the ears. I always find that if my ears are warm, I am more comfortable in snow. 
Whistle Necklace
No one really ever thinks about this but everyone should have a whistle while skiing. It is super easy to loose control and accidentally ski into oblivion. If you get in a sticky situation that you can’t get out of and need help, a whistle will come in handy for getting the attention of fellow skiers. 

This seems like a no brainer but you would be surprised! I am one who always forgets my glasses! The snow can be blinding on a sunny day and when you are skiing the ice can fly up in your eyes. I find it impossible to ski without my sunglasses.

Regular shoes are not made to grip the snow and ice. Be sure to get specific shoes for snow. There are tons of slippery slopes and steps at a ski lodge, not to mention the snow could be high and cover the toe of your shoes. Boots not made for snow will become wet easily putting your tootsies at risk for frost bite.

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