4 Simple Self Care Ideas for Busy Moms

Self care shouldn’t be optional, but so many of us moms neglect ourselves mentally and physically every day. Many of us see it as a sacrifice for our little ones– but the truth is, if we ignore ourselves for too long, we will not be able to offer our kids the energy needed to be the best parents that we can be. In this post I will cover 4 self care ideas that will help all mommas to obtain optimal health.


Don’t Keep The Doctor Away

This is so important. Our bodies as females are so delicate. With hormonal and cycle changes with age, we must know what is going on with and understand our bodies. I have a friend who missed her annual with the OBGYN for two years straight and ended up needing a hysterectomy as she had developed cervical cancer. Ladies, IT IS THAT IMPORTANT!

Know Your Body

Taking time to listen to your body and mind will help you to stay connected with yourself, and the more you are connected to yourself, the quicker you will be able to identify deeper issues. I took the time to listen and a beautiful journey to self-discovery was brought into fruition. I pondered on quick additions to include in my day that would not take up time, but would make a big impact. The two I decided to start with were daily supplements and quick 10-minute workout activities in the AM and PM.

After researching important functionality of the female body, and different types of antioxidants that can make a difference in supporting overall health, I came across one massive breakthrough. The MitoQ antioxidant is world’s first and only CoQ10 antioxidant supplement that can penetrate the mitochondrial membrane. This unique property means that MitoQ is absorbed directly into your mitochondria — hundreds of times more effectively than the standard CoQ10 supplements. Since taking the product, I have noticed higher energy levels and a shortened recovery time when I am feeling under the weather. My overall wellbeing is much more uplifted and positive. Want to learn more about this amazing supplement? Click here.


Stay Connected

Make time for your gal pals. I know, I know, after a long day of “momming”, it is hard to commit to an evening chatting with the girls, as all you can seem to think about is sleep. Trust me, if you can power through the magnetic pull from the couch and meet up with your pals for an hour or two, you will feel completely refreshed and recharged to take on the week!

Get Sleep

Easy for you to say right?
Chronic loss of sleep can negatively affect your health. We are talking weight gain, increased risk of depression, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes, to  name a few. These are factors that need medical intervention to treat or manage. You should also be aware of a condition known as sleep apnea. Sleep apnea, one of the most common sleep disorders that affect millions of people, need continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy using an oral appliance such as CPAP machines to prevent cessations of breathing that happen during sleep. I always plan on going to bed at a reasonable time but one glance at my unfinished to do list and I am back to work till the wee hours trying hammer out “just a few more things.” Try getting in the routine of a bed time activity. Reading makes me tired so curling up in a chair to read to my littles not only makes its easier for them to hit the hay, but also helps to set your sleep cycle in gear. It also works for day time naps!


Hope these tips really help you mommas out! I would love if you shared your mom knowledge with me as well. Please leave your favorite self care tips in the comments below and … HAPPY MOMMING!

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