5 Top Handmade Jewelry Brands

Not sure if you new this about Memphis, but we are a city full of small businesses and extremely creative artists! Being in the fashion industry, I have gotten the pleasure of getting to know some pretty amazing fashion jewelry designers. In this post I will introduce you to some amazing artists and also give you the opportunity to win some handcrafted pieces of your own!

5 Best Selling Handmade Jewelry


Designer Betsy Hill of Tilton Street makes beautiful pieces with mixed materials such as wood, bone, gemstones, and stone. I love her signature crescent charmed pieces pictured below. You will see her styles in several well known Memphis boutiques and in the pages of StyleBlueprint!



I love the tribal design of Jennifer “JP” O’Dell’s, designer of Urban Hardware, pieces! This necklace is made of Batik African Ox Bone with a beautiful Ethiopian warrior pendant. The earrings are crafted with sunstone and silk strand tassels.

Growing up in a small town in middle Tennessee, JP  loved tinkering with all the treasures in her dad’s hardware store and used steel wire to make her earliest jewelry creations. She is a wife, mama of three, nurse practitioner, yogi and creative. Urban Hardware Designs is one-of-a-kind, handmade jewelry inspired by nature and by JP’s love of the unexpected.


Leigh, designer of Love Leigh Designs is a mother who, with the help of her teenage daughter, designs unique statement pieces fit for all ages. Her pieces are truly show stoppers. I love her moon and star designs and her blinging charms.


Leslie, founder of Leslie Ponders Studios, creates different forms of art out of necessity and out of love.  She is constantly contemplating ideas and creations that she must manifest in form, whether it be clay, painting, or jewelry making.  She likes to create from past experiences and feelings. I love that she fires clay to make her pieces. Her designs are dainty and chic.



David is the ultimate entrepreneur, quitting his 9 to 5 to pursue his dream full-time with interior design, jewelry crafting, and instructing Zumba. You can step into his world at Stock and Belle boutique where he spends a lot of his time scheduling his interior design appointments and bringing his creations to fruition. IV by David embraces David’s ancestral roots with vivid color and custom designed cut metal accents.


A special thank you to Stock and Belle boutique for letting us use their space for this shoot.

Now…..want to win these pieces pictured below from these awesome designers? Enter to win below!


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