6 Tips to Keep Your Child Safe

As parents, keeping our child safe is our number one priority. This is also one of the biggest anxiety triggers as a mom. On the daily, I imagine every possible danger that my boys could encounter, and hope and pray that I have given them the tools and knowledge to successfully deflect. In this post, I will share a few proactive tips that I use to protect my children.

How to Keep Your Child Safe

1. Teach your child important numbers and addresses.

Teaching your child your phone number as well as their address can quickly get them safely to home should they get seperated from you. I set the password on my phone to match the password on Jack’s IPad so that he can open my phone to call 911 if there is an emergency. We practice how to use my phone in case of an emergency and we also talk about different emergency situations that could occur so that he can identify quickly when something is wrong and get help.

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2. Get a Jiobit GPS Tracking Device

Always know that your child is safe with the Jiobit Location Monitor, the world’s smallest and most advanced real-time location tracking product. Jiobit is not limited by distance. It will track any location whether right up the street or across the ocean in another country. You can get up “trusted location” geofences so that you are notified when they arrive to their trusted destination. In the meantime, you can track their journey in real time, much like the uber rides app. I love using the phone geofence functionality when we go to crowded places such as the carnival, mall, amusement park, etc. This feature notifies me when my son wanders too far from me. Another amazing feature is that it is extremely durable! The Jiobit is waterproof, playproof, washing machine proof, and the battery life lasts up to one week! I even set up a care team of trusted family members that can also track the location to keep my child safe in case I am out of town, or something should happen to me. For those of you who are weird about location tracking, (I am) the Jiobit has government level encryption so the only people able to track your child are those that you give access to! Want to get your little one’s attention when hey are away from you, you can ring their bell through the app which will cause their Jiobit to chirp at them. Time to call mom!
Can be used on pets too.

3. Teach your child a password for strangers. 

With easy access to any type of information at the fingertips of predators at any given time, you must teach your children that being called by name does not mean automatic trust. I let my boys come up with a password and if someone approaches and tells them that I have sent to pick them up, Jack is instructed to stand at a distance and ask for the password. If the stranger does not have the password, he is to turn around and run. This may seem a little extreme but both my mother, and I have escaped abductions as young girls and when in danger, even if it is only potential danger, run, run!

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4. Teach your child that no one in the family keeps secrets.

People with bad intentions may threaten your child to keep a secret. Explain that there are no secrets in your family and no matter what the threat, they can trust and come to you in confidence. From there, it is up to you to safeguard the secret and act appropriately. Only speak of it to the necessary individuals who will be acting to keep your child safe and be sure that you truly know who those individuals are.

5. Teach your child body safety rules.

With the “me too movement” in full swing, I believe that this is a lesson that needs to be taught at a very young age to keep your child safe. Your child should be told to use the word no if they feel violated and not to be afraid to tell you if something happens and they feel uncomfortable.  Teach the the proper names for their body parts and be sure that there is a clear understanding on what the word “private” means. Explain to them what is safe and unsafe behavior when it comes to touching and being touched.

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6. Monitor your child’s internet usage.

Cyber bullying is another newer and very serious offense. There are tons of groups that target kids, threatening their young and innocent minds to commit horrific acts. Be sure to turn on parental permissions on their wireless devices and do a history search frequently so that you know what type of information they are soaking up.

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