Best Beauty Treatments of 2021

After going through a divorce, selling my home and business, and making some pretty major life changes, I decided to focus on a little self love. I began practicing mindfulness and also signed myself up for a Christian based Alpha course. I completely renovated my wardrobe to identify more with my personality, and I decided to do a little maintenance in the beauty sector. Updating both my makeup and trying more targeted beauty treatments. Many may scoff at the idea of beauty treatments being self love, but for me looking and feeling my best brings about a confidence that keeps me on top of the world… and I just so happen to love a visit to the Medspa!

With that being said, I decided to share with you my top 6 must have beauty treatments of 2019 that made the world of difference in my time management, confidence, maintenance and hygiene.


SculpSure is permanent fat reduction. The most popular areas treated are the abdomen and flanks. The plates are placed on the target areas and heat the skin to a level that destroys the fat cells. As a result, these fat cells die and are cleared out naturally from the body through your own lymphatic system. Results are typically seen 120 days after the treatment. I did not find this procedure to be painful, only mildly uncomfortable but totally worth it!




The Venus Legacy will reduce inches, reshape and re-contour the skin, and smooth dimpled skin. With this procedure you will contour and flatten your tummy for a more defined stomach. Venus can even target stubborn fat pockets to reduce “bra bulge.” Target your thighs to reduce cellulite and circumference, while also smoothing and shaping. I did this treatment in conjunction with Sculpsure for the ultimate mommy tummy makeover.

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This is my monthly must have treatment. With the hydrafacial, my pores are completely cleaned out and skin mildly exfoliated to reveal a brighter complexion. I like to pair this service with a dermablade to remove “peach fuzz” and trapped oil. This treatment is so relaxing that I often fall asleep! Everyone always asks about the dermablade or dermaplaning and if it is necessary. I say it is a HARD YES! You are not reaping the full benefits of the hydrafacial without the dermablade. Check out my experience with the dermablade procedure here.



This just may be the medspa treatment of my lifetime. No more shaving, ingrown hairs, 5 o’clock armpit shadows or dark fuzz on my upper lip. HAIR BE GONE!
This treatment took between 6 and 8 sessions and I must say, not having to shave has freed up a lot of time! I am also WAY MORE CONFIDENT when wearing a swimsuit as I don’t have nasty ingrown hairs around my bikini line!



The dreaded roadmap legs. There are so many causes of them. Some of us inherit them and others develop them from increased body weight, trauma, and other external factors, either way, they look less than flattering, can be painful, and will make you ashamed of one of the most feminine parts of your body! I no longer hide my legs under long dresses and pants since I have blasted the veins. Hello sexy skirts and knee length dresses! Want to know more about what causes spider veins?



The first medspa treatment I ever underwent was Botox in my late 20’s. I have had very defined wrinkles on my forehead for quite some time. The botox has completely softened and all but erased them! This is a super quick and non-invasive beauty treatment that can easily knock some age lines off the face. I like to keep my smile lines around my eyes and mouth but get my forehead done every 5-7 months.

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Mesotherapy helps in the delineating of arms, abdomen, legs, and the entire body. Lipodissolve agents are used in mesotherapy to remove the fat by blocking the internal signal of fat uptake. The process helps in triggering the fat release, improving blood circulation, and burning energy. Vitamins and amino acids, on the other hand, are used for tightening the sagging skin, giving you an athletic and improved appearance. For more tips visit Aspire Dermatology helpful articles.

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