Finding Alex 3: Celebrating My Feminine Energy and Sexuality + Delta Groove

In my finding Alex series this month, I have been exploring different feelings and needs that I have neglected for years in hopes to hind myself in this time of change in my life. Lately I have been craving a dose of connection and zen with myself. In my high school and college years, I was always in to the biggest spiritual fad; Kabbalah, Reiki healing, angel guides, old Irish mysticism in the Roman Catholic church, auras, tapping in to your God given gift, your 6th sense. You name it, I was curious.

Not that I have done my exploring as a young adult, I am more firm in my beliefs of Christianity and connected with my private relationship with God but my craving for a soul connection and spiritual bond has me leaning into some of the old practices that made me feel purpose in the universe. One huge activity that used to give me a natural high was Yoga.

I have done years of fitness yoga, or classes just for toning, but the actual practice has fallen to the wayside. This past month, I partnered with Delta Groove Yoga in Midtown to try several of their long list of yoga classes and spiritual practices.

Out of all of their amazing classes, I am in LOVE with Emily Dison’s Buti Yoga. “Buti” is a Marathi Indian term for “the cure to something that’s been hidden away or kept secret.” ( Buti Yoga is a mix of tribal dance, primal elements, vinyasa style yoga, and moves that our body craves to spark the inner flame. It is for the boss babe who is in touch with her inner sexuality and wants to celebrate her feminine energy.

Delta Groove is not just a workout studio, they are a center for spiritual wellness and health. After class, I enjoy browsing their shop and enjoying a Yerba Mate Mint tea to reawaken my senses and stimulate my ind for the day.

Want to check out Delta Groove? They have a fabulous 40 days for $40 special for new members! I highly recommend it. Click to get a list of their class schedule, workshop offerings, or healing arts services and be sure to tell them, Alexandra sent you!



Special thanks to Fabletics for always outfitting me in the best and most comfortable fitness fashion!
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