Focusing on Farm Rio: Where to Shop the Latest Styles from This Rio-Based Brand

What Sets the Farm Rio Brand Apart from Others? Main Image Courtesy of Forbes.

What is Farm Rio?

Farm Rio is one of the most beloved clothing and lifestyle brands in the entire country of Brazil, making its way onto the international scene in recent years. Farm Rio first began as a small market in the city of Rio de Janeiro, which was founded by Katia Barros and Marcello Bastos. Barros wanted to create the brand to show off clothes that embodied the vibrant spirits and colors of both Rio and the country of Brazil as a whole. The once small market of Farm Rio turned into a store, then multiple stores, to one of the most recognized brands in Brazil!

How is Farm Rio Run?

Fortunately, Farm Rio conducts sustainable practices that make the brand one of the most sustainable fashion companies all over the world. Nature is a driving inspiration for a lot of the clothing designs, and the brand believes it is their responsibility to give back to the environment and work to protect nature. Because of this, Farm Rio began a partnership with One Tree Planted to help with reforestation in areas such as the Amazon and the Atlantic Forest, which is home to the people of Brazil. For every purchase on the Farm Rio website or from another authorized retailer, Farm Rio will donate the amount of money equivalent to one tree being planted. As of November 2021, the company already had almost 700,000 trees that needed to be planted! Along with this partnership, Farm Rio has been working to use only the most sustainable fibers in all of the clothing. 

Customer Analysis

Understanding a customer’s behavior is first done through the use of sales and customer data. The global retail team at Farm Rio used various data sources like e-commerce, retail, and wholesale to identify the client’s exact demographic profile. They also used geodemographic segmentation to find populations of similar customers across the US.

The team was also able to identify the ideal sites for their brand through the use of customer analytics. This strategy made it easier for them to make sure they could figure out which locations are most likely to be successful. They were able to use this data to select the most effective local markets for their brand.

Through the detailed maps, the team was able to identify the areas where they could expand their operations. These maps also showed them the locations where their customers shop, and potential of store growth in the U.S.The team was also able to identify the areas where they could expand their operations. They were able to determine how many locations they could have in the country.

Business Structure

The team  learned a lot about the U.S. retail industry before transitioning here. One of the most important factors that the team needed to consider when it came to establishing a successful business in the country was to create a strong business model. It was also important to find store managers who had extensive experience in the U.S. 

Through this new model approach, the team was able to think of some more ways to try and develop a working culture that was more aligned with their brand. Before they came to the U.S., the team was used to operating in a similar way. However, they needed more of a U.S.-centric structure. One of the key factors that the team needed to consider was the implementation of Echo-Amplify framework. 

This strategy allowed them to analyze the data and improve their visual presentation. Instead of just focusing on what looks more physically appealing, they are currently able to consider many other factors that contribute to the success of the brand overall.

Shop at Shopbop this season to show off all of your Farm Rio favorites! Image Courtesy of Shopbop

Where Can I Buy Farm Rio?

If you’re interested in purchasing clothing from Farm Rio, you have a couple options on where to shop from. You can visit the Farm Rio website to purchase the items online, with free shipping and returns in the U.S. on orders over $50. Other than Brazil, you can find items from Farm Rio in stores from New York City, Miami, Paris, and Los Angeles. 

Along with the amazing and unique designs of the clothing items, Farm Rio was able to find success by devising a very effective marketing strategy when the Covid-19 pandemic had first hit. Even though Farm Rio’s sales were expected to decline in the midst of the pandemic, sales in the U.S. actually grew from zero to over $50 million in just three years. In an interview with Daniel Martinez, Farm Rio’s Global Retail Director, he discussed the business and retail strategies that were developed. These strategies consisted of demographic research, setting up the best business model, and more. 

You can find numerous authorized retailers that carry Farm Rio, including us at Shopbop! Other retailers include:

  • Anthropologie
  • Nordstrom
  • Saks 5th Avenue
  • Neiman Marcus
  • Net-A-Porter

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Where Does Farm Rio Ship To?

Farm Rio can ship worldwide, and you can expect to receive your order anywhere from 2 days (If you live around the U.S.) to 4 weeks. Free shipping is offered in the United States, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and the Europe Union. 

Farm Rio does have a return policy, where you can return your items within a month of when you first placed the order. There is a $30 fee on all returns, except those in the United States, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and the Europe Union. 

Where Can I Show Off My Farm Rio Attire?

Some of the patterns on the Farm Rio clothing are quite unique and flashy, and you might be thinking to yourself where you could wear it?  According to one of the co-founders, Katia Barros, most of the pieces made at Farm Rio are inspired by the beach. This means Farm Rio can be the perfect vacation outfit! Many of the Farm Rio dresses can also be great to wear for a special event, which might include mother’s day, a birthday dinner, or a backyard party!

Most Popular Pieces  

Not as familiar with the Farm Rio brand and wanting to see some of their clothing items? Take a look at some of these gorgeous options!

Farm Rio Jungle Flow Crop Top

The perfect summer top from Farm Rio! Image Courtesy of The Mom Edit.

This gorgeous floral crop top comes with an elasticized hem along with an adjustable drawstring, making for a very comfortable top option overall. This top is made completely from cotton, with a texture that gives it more of a flowy and airy style. The material isn’t too sheer either! 

You can find this top from Saks Fifth Avenue.

Farm Rio Jungle Flow Maxi Skirt

The perfect dress to show in the warmer months! Image Courtesy of The Mom Edit.

Similar to the crop top that was mentioned previously, this floral skirt by Farm Rio is made of the same cotton material, with a very light and airy feel overall. Perfect for a summer event!

You can find this skirt from Saks Fifth Avenue.

Farm Rio Graphic T-Shirt: Ticket to the Tropics

Image Courtesy of Neiman Marcus, where you can currently purchase this shirt on sale for $55.

You can’t go wrong with a classic graphic t-shirt, and you can find some great options when shopping with Farm Rio. This tropical graphic t-shirt is both very colorful and stylish and allows you to show off some pride for Rio and Brazil!

Farm Rio Mixed Leopards Cardigan

Image Courtesy of Shopbop, where you can find this cardigan.

As the transition begins from summer into fall and the more cold months, you can find some stylish and comfortable options from Farm Rio all year round. This mixed leopards cardigan shown above is vibrant and offers some great detailed leopard patterns.

Farm Rio Macaw Forest Black Quilted Pants

Image Courtesy of Shopbop, where you can find these pants.

While Farm Rio is most notably known for its gorgeous shirt/dress options, you can also pick up some pretty stylish pants that are always comfortable of course and great year round! These quilted pants can be worn casually as well as to more formal events and gatherings. 

Invest in Farm Rio Today

Farm Rio is one of the most sustainable fashion companies you can find, offering a great variety of clothing items with some gorgeous and intricate designs that are hard to come by anywhere else. Shop from an authorized retailer to find some of the best deals, like Shopbop, today!

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