Is Havenly Design Worth It?

I wouldn’t say I am an armature when it comes to interior design. I often have an overall idea of what I want to implement in a space, and even dive in with a funky wallpaper, bold color, or eclectic drape design, but it always seems to happen, half way through I hit a mental design block and loose my vision. When designing my dining room, I had a great start with a beautiful wallpaper from Wallpaper Direct, a brand new dining table and buffet, and eye catching green velvet drapes, but then, I hit the wall. After research on online interior design services, I came across Havenly and am so very thankful I did! In this post, I am sharing my experience and my Havenly reviews.

How Does Havenly Work?

Havenly is a home decor design company that helps you to stylize your space to fit your personality and desired home decor design. The Havenly setup process is very easy and a lot of fun. You will first take the style quiz to discover your home decor style. Then you will pick a plan that best suits your needs.

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After I drew out and submitted a rendering of my dining room space that I was looking to revamp, my Havenly designer came back with a custom floor plan rendering to get started. (This was the actual rendering of my dining room.)

Once I approved my layout, my Havenly designer began creating mood boards based off my original style questionnaire. She came up with three design boards in which I rated and left feedback on each so that I could help guide her in meeting my desired look.

My designer did a great job observing my style favorites from the questionnaire and listening to my needs. I really liked all three of the boards she presented.

My Dining Room Finalized Concept with Havenly

After my designer submitted a few rounds of design concepts and I told her about the items that I loved, and those that I did not care for, we had our final 3D rendering to work off of. (Below is the final rendering of my dining room space.)

I really liked how my Havenly designer introduced furniture items with unique textures that I would not have otherwise considered, such a these natural cane dining chairs or the frames picture resting on the buffet against my mirror for a layered visual appeal.

My Dining Room Reveal



I was in LOVE with the “Lily Garden” wallpaper from Wallpaper Direct and was shocked to find these dining room chairs for less than $350 on Amazon!

Also, if you love the tie backs I created for my drapes, I have a DIY Tie Back Tutorial for you here!

My Havenly Reviews

Havenly Designer

I can confidently say that the Havenly team is only comprised of professional designers. I was able to articulate my design ideas to my designer and she accurately portrayed them in the project overview. Take a look at the finalize concept and the actual finished space! WOW!

Havenly Product Offering

Before choosing your package, Havenly directs you to take their free style questionnaire so that you and your designer can get a better idea of your specific design preference.

Then, you are offered three packages. The Mini Plan will provide you with a final design concept with a personalized shopping list. Of course you will get one-on-one time via online messaging, text, or calls with your Havenly designer but with this package you will not get 3D renderings of your space. You will, however, gain access to hundreds of brands and a personal ordering team.

With the Full Package you will get everything that comes with the mini, as well as 3D renderings to see your new space come to life and a custom floor plan to take the guesswork out of layouts!

Of course, Havenly has an In-Person package which includes everything rom the Mini and Online but you also get an in-home meeting to collaborate with your designer!

Havenly Design Package Price

In my opinion, the prices are very competitive, if not less, than the average home design price.

  • Mini package – $99
  • Online Package – $159
  • In-Person Package – $499

Overall Service

I give Havenly 5 stars! I was very impressed with the service. It wasn’t just a one and done design concept. My designer worked with me, asking me what I liked and did not like about the concepts she provided and worked to alter the vision to match my style 100%. Havenly over delivered in the most amazing way!

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