How Should I Wear my Makeup in my 30s?

If you are here, you have probably officially hit the second major skin transformation of your life. The first happens around puberty and the second, well most say it comes in our 30s. All of the sudden, the cosmetics that you used to wear are less than flattering and you are left swapping from brand to brand, trying to find a new fit. The problem is, it isn’t the brand that’s the problem, it is the formula or “makeup medium” that you have out grown. In this post, I am sharing how I ditched the products from my 20s and restocked my makeup kit with products that are more fitting for my new found face texture and transforming skin type.

This week, I hosted an Amazon Live to share how I achieve a flawless makeup look and the changes I made since exceeding the mid 30s hump in my timeline. You can catch the video here, my tips on how you should change up your routine, and the products I share below! Also, be sure to follow me on Amazon Live to catch some of my lives in real time!

How Your Makeup Routine Should Change in Your 30s

  • Use tinted moisturizer in place of foundation
  • For areas that need extra coverage, use a hydrating concealer
  • Use cream blushes and highlighters
  • Line your lips with a nude liner to establish shape and then apply color on top
  • Properly shape your brows with a stick product that turns to powder when brushed out
  • Don’t line your entire lid

Use Tinted Moisturizer in Place of Foundation

As we age, we should be opting for sheer coverage and therefore a tinted moisturizer with SPF is perfect for the job. The question everyone asks is, but I need MORE coverage as I age, how can I pull off sheer? The key is to apply the makeup strategically with a tinted moisturizer all over the face and a concealer on top in areas that need the added coverage.

If you have enlarged pores or deep sun spots, try using a primer for smoothing pores or a color correcting concealer for masking spots. Click the images below to shop the items from my Amazon Live video above!

For Areas That Need Extra Coverage, Use a Hydrating Concealer

Be sure to choose a concealer that has a hydrating formula. Matte concealers will settle into fine lines and make your complexion look “muddy.” Using a blending brush will help you to achieve an airbrushed look.

Use Cream Blushes and Highlighters

Creams are much more suitable for maturing skin as they can be blended for a softer, more velvety look. Powders tend to become cakey on mature skin. My cheeks have gotten dry in my late 30s and therefore, powder blushes just clump on my skin. Cream blush, contours, and highlighters not only blend much easier, but they also add an element of hydration to dry areas.

Have you tried creams before but couldn’t get them to blend beautifully? The key is to use the correct brush. I have fallen in love with the Rare Beauty brush line as they are created to spread the product evenly for beautifully symmetrical glow.

Line Your Lips With a Nude Liner to Establish Shape. Then Apply Color on Top.

Does anyone else feel like their natural lip line is becoming less prominent as they age? I know mine is. A lot of it has to do with age and also the fact that my lips are ALWAYS chapped. Over the years, I have picked at them and it has damaged my natural lip line. For a natural more prominent lip line, I use a lip liner that is nearly the color of my natural lips. I do have a strategy to lining my lips to add fullness as well. If you watch the video above, you can check out how I do it. I like the Smooth Spice liner from Buxom.

After I line my lips, I add a pop of color using a matte gloss for a long velvety wear.

Shape Your Brows With a Product That Turns to Powder

There are tons of brow products out there. I prefer to use a brow stick that brushes out into a powder for a more natural look. Watch the video to learn my strategy behind getting the perfect brow shape.

Don’t Line Your Entire Lid

You may be wondering what I use for my lids? When going for an everyday natural look, I just brush a little blush and bronzer on my eye lids and rely on liner and mascara to give my peepers a little pop.

I love a gel liner in a pot for long wear and no smudge. Not many people are using gel liners these days so they are a bit hard to find. But I have listed the one I am currently using below. It is long lasting, will not smudge when it dries, and is the perfect product for adding a little depth to your eyes. I choose a chocolate instead of black because it is almost as dark as black but less harsh.

Hope you enjoyed my tips for makeup after you have reached your 30s. Have any middle age makeup tips for me or want to request the topic of my next Amazon Live? Leave them in the comments below!

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