How to Get Rid of the Mommy Tummy

After two kids, getting rid of the fluff, sagginess, and belly fat can be tough. That is why I partnered with A Beautiful You Medical Spa for a mommy tummy makeover package! In this post I will talk about the two treatments that we paired together to blast baby belly fat and tighten the tummy skin.

Mommy Tummy Makeover

Step 1

The first step in my mommy tummy makeover was the SculpSure warm sculpting treatment.

DSC_0142-2 (1).jpg

This treatment permanently destroys up to 24% of your fat cells using warming plates that heat the fat to a level that kills off the cells so that your body can dispose of them. I did not think this treatment was painful at all. The plates seemed to warm to a slightly uncomfortable level but all in all the 20 minute treatment was a breeze and the results were worth it!
More than one treatment may be necessary depending on the desired outcome.


Step 2

After I had completed the recommended amount of Sculpsure treatments for my mommy tummy makeover and the dead fat cells within my body were disposed of, I completed a package of Venus Laser treatments for skin tightening.


The Venus treatment wakes up dormant collagen, making it contract and multiply! This helps to add depth to the skin density and to tighten loose mommy tummy skin.


The Venus Laser step is my favorite part of the mommy tummy makeover. It feels like you are getting a warm body massage. I was so relaxed while getting Venus that I often fell asleep. You will need roughly 8 treatments spaced one week apart. 

The results of SculpSure and Venus together are incredible! Just let my before and afters tell the story!


Now A Beautiful You Medical Spa is offering the Mommy Tummy Makeover at a discount for City Chic Living readers! Buy 1 Sculpsure and Venus Treatment and get 2 for FREE, or get 40% off your Venus Treatment for the tummy!

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