Boxtume Halloween Costume Ideas

This year we are getting creative with our Halloween costumes and going with the boxtume theme. Turns out that there are so many cool ideas for box costume ideas and we chose to go with the skeleton x-ray and the baby box lion. Here’s how we did it!

All ideas and DIY crafts were our own however this post is sponsored by Amazon


Skeleton X-Ray Boxtume

One Medium Amazon Box
1 White Poster Board
Pair of Black Unprescribed Glasses
White Plastic Tape
Skelton Suspenders
Black Bowtie
Skeleton PJ’s

Step 1:
Cut the bottom and the top sides off of the back of the box like the picture below.


Step 2:
Cut out the ribs and sternum bones for the x-ray from the white poster board. Glue the ribs onto the front of the box to make the x-ray.

Step 3:
Attach the front suspenders to the top of the box and the back of the suspenders will attach to the bock of the pants.

Step 4:
Wrap white tape around the bridge of the glasses.

Step 5:
Assemble the look!

Baby Box Lion

Amazon Medium Rectangle Box
Orange Fur
Lion Headband
Black Paint Pen
Lion Tail
Rafia String
Fabric Glue
Black Paint Pen (safe for the face)

Step 1:
Assemble the box and then cut the entire bottom off and a portion of the top as seen in the image below


Step 2:
Poke 4 holes (one on each side) as seen im picture above and thread raffia string through them to act as a harness for the box to hang from shoulders. We did it criss cross so the box would stay on the shoulders better.

Step 3:
Glue the fur to the top and bottom of the front.


Step 4:
Fasten the tail to the back of the box.

Step 5:
Draw on your lion whiskers.

Step 6:
Assemble the boxtume!

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Boxtume Ideas

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