How to set up a video studio for businesses and bloggers

A huge chunk of shopping today has gone to the internet and buyer decisions are being made through the referrals of social media and influencers. It’s no wonder why social media and affiliate marketing has become a main staple in everyone’s marketing plan, but did you know that social media is placing a very high value on video content? The more you post rich videos that have high viewership, the better your visibility chances are. In this post, I will show you how to build the perfect video studio for your blogging business, or for any business at that.
As most of you know, I own a cosmetic line called, Adel Amor Cosmetics. With a makeup line, it is hard to sell online because many ladies want to know their color and also be taught how to apply the product, therefore it is essential that I have a video studio in order to showcase the products and to teach my clients how to use them!
Now there are two important pieces to a video studio, the esthetic and the equipment. For the esthetic you need IKEA and for the equipment, Amazon


It is important for your studio to be attractive to your viewers without being too distracting. I love the minimal look and the fabulous prices of IKEA’s pieces.
In my studio I have
  1. Lack n Wall Shelf to display my product and also as a nice little background piece. It works fabulous because you can change out your background with the theme of your video!
  2. Cylinder Vases are great to store products and background decor in as well.
  3. Micke Desk is a super clean desk to work off of. No frills which works best as to not distract.
  4. Alex Drawer Unit is for storing product and other video equipment. I keep all of my cosmetic testers and props in this drawer
  5. Variera Shelf Insert is the perfect height for boosting your laptop up for video recording


There are all types of video equipment in the market but I have found a few key pieces that really help me to create some prettty great tutorials and they are all very reasonablly priced!
The equipment I have
  1. Yeti Microphone
  2. Mic Wind Pop
  3. Tripod for your Teleprompter
  4. Portable Teleprompter
  5. Studio Softbox Lights
  6. A laptop with video recording software
    (I use a Mac that comes with iMovie)




Thank you so much for reading! I would love to know any tips or tricks you have for vlogging and video creation or other equipment recommendations! Please leave them in the comments below.
(This is a sponsored post however all reviews, photos, and writings are my own and of my own judgement)



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