How to Throw a Vision Board Party

This year I had the pleasure of throwing a Galentine’s Vision Board party at Everbloom Design Studio with the most scrumptious calming beverage, Natural Vitality.  Want to throw your own vision board party? Let me show you how it’s done!


Yes, this is what it looks like about an hour in to your vision board party. It’s not pretty but the creative juices are flowing and glue, paper, and scissors are flying…well maybe not the scissors.

First things first, what exactly is a vision board? I found myself asking the same question! The best way I was able to describe it to my guests was the following: A vision board is your creative depiction of what you would like to accomplish personally in 2019. 


I prompted them to choose 4 areas that they would like to work on. I chose family in regards to spirituality, business growth, personal confidence, and transparency as a blogger.


Then we each tore through magazines to find the perfect visual representations of our aspirations and goals for the year.


  • Festive Snacks


  • Tasty Beverages | I recommend Natural Vitality as it creates a sense of inner calm and zen which in return will help you to focus and get in the creative “state of mind”


  • Tons of Magazines, Scissors, and Glue


  • Creative women motivated for greatness!



After 2 hours of intense creating, we stood up one by one and revealed our board to one another! Here are a few of my guests’ amazing 2019 visions!







Want to try Natural Vitality at your vision board party? You can purchase on and be sure to tell me how your Vision Board Party went in the comments below!

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