Lashes, Lipstick, and Tea Party | City Chic Social Hour

As a super hands on momma of two I am always open for a little get away time with the girls so I have decided to host monthly City Chic Living Social Hours! This month I partnered with a local salon, tea company, and brought along my very own line of matte lipsticks to throw the ultimate Lash and Lips party!


This month I partnered up with Pinky Up Tea and Taylorwood Salon to invite some fabulous local influencers out for a little girls getaway social hour…well social HOURS! If you are in need of a little gal pal fun,I will show  you how to host your very own themed tea party for a night to remember!


FIrst, you need to head on over to Pinky Up Tea and choose your favorite mini tea sets and flavored tea. I chose the tea for one sets that include a teapot, teacup, and matching saucer. They are perfect for single sipping mommas to have their tea just the way they like it. Not too sweet and not too strong, at least that’s my jam! Everyone at your party can fix up their own tea, or in some cases, champagne for an afternoon of girl time. I decided to choose a few seasonal blooming teas to really bring out the fall feels! The Candied Apple and Creme Brulee blooming teas were not only tasty but very appealing to look at as the tea blooms into a beautiful flower in your tea pot!


After socializing and enjoying our tea and champagne, we decided to partake in a little lash demonstration by Amy Wood of Taylorwood Salon. Amy applies individual lashes to each lash making your peepers more lush and “eye catching”. After visiting Amy for my full lash makeover, I am hooked on the look and convenience of individual lashes! Not only is the actual application relaxing but the end result gives immediate length and instant convenience! Did you know if you choose to go the individual lash route, you can nix the mascara on your top lashes and can enjoy to look for 2-3 weeks? Talk about shaving off a few, very needed, minutes in the day. Not only do you not have to put mascara on in the morning to get a more glamorous look, but you don’t have to spend the time taking it off in the evenings either! #hooked

After lashes, we all played around with my Adel Amor liquid matte lip colors for mini lip makeovers. Once we were all done up, we couldn’t wait to show off our new look in a group photo!

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