Maintaining in your Thirties

Being completely transparent here, I have reached my thirties and I need a little help. Can we say over expressive forehead and cracked cheek? Yes, I am a victim of extremely expressive brows and a golf club to the face. Lucky for me, now days there is a fix for everything

While this post is sponsored by Dermatology Clinic of North Mississippi, all reviews, thoughts, and writings are my own.

This past month Bluff City Lights partnered with Dermatology Clinic of North Mississippi for a little ant-aging consultation. I have always been very aware of my forehead wrinkles and the dent in my cheek, especially as I have reached my thirties. Misty introduced me to Velour for my cheek and spruced up my forehead with Botox.

I have never had anything done with my cheeks but have always hated the prominent dent in my right cheek that seemed to appear after getting hit in the face with a golf club as a child. It has gotten worse and worse over the years and I have definitely noticed it more after having my second baby. You can imagine my excitement when Misty said, “I can fix that!” She used a new product, Velour, to “fluff up” my skin and push out the line. I have to admit, I was pretty nervous as I have only participated in Botox in the past, but with a little peer pressure from the girls, and of course a lot of trust in Misty’s work, I obliged. Let me go ahead and say, I am super thankful for the peer pressure and Misty’s recommendation. I feel like I can look in the mirror for the first time in over 20 years and not be drawn to the “cheek dent”

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