Meditation Tips for Beginners

Remember the days when Brittany Spears and other stars were wearing the red kabbalah bracelets and Deepak Chopra was the top guru? I dabbled in meditation and inner spirituality during those times and recall that meditation seemed to instill more peace in my life. Somewhere along the way more responsibilities fell on me, I became a mom, and my work life took over more. I lost all time for meditation and honestly, I forgot about the practice all together! Since being quarantined, I have decided to research further into meditation and its benefits and WOW! Now I remember why I loved it so much. The positive benefits for your mental health are astounding. In this post, I will go over the benefits and a beginner tutorial for adding meditation back into your life.


The Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is an approach to training the mind, much in the way that we use fitness is an approach to train the body. Training your mind for positivity can actually improve your physical health in many ways.

  • Lower blood cortisol levels
  • Lessen Anxiety
  • Lessen sweat/ perspiration
  • Slower respiratory and heart rate
  • Improve circulation
  • Lower blood preassure
  • Lower stress levels
  • Give a feeling of happiness and mental health
  • Deeper levels of relaxation
  • Improve focus, attention, and self awareness
  • Self control and impulse control


How To Meditate For Beginners

  1. Play soft ambient music or spa sounds on low wherever you will meditate.
  2. Sit or lie comfortably in a positive and peaceful environment.
    I like to use a mediation blanket, which is just a blanket that I have chosen for meditating to get more comfortable. I lie down and place the blanket under my lumbar while lying down.
  3. Close your eyes softly. Do not squeeze the lids together.
    I like to put cool cucumber water soaked cotton rounds on top of my eyes.
  4. Breath naturally. Do not try to control your breath.
  5. Focus your attention on your breathing. How does the body move with each inhale and exhale?  Notice your chest, shoulders, rib cage, and belly in movement. Simply focus your attention on your breath without controlling your breathing pace or intensity. Your mind may wander but just simply return your focus back to your breath and still the mind.

Try this for two to three minutes once or twice per day. As you get more comfortable with the process, you may lengthen your meditation sessions. I often find that I fall asleep when meditating. If you do, this is ok. You have simply put yourself in a comatic zen!


Thank you so much for reading and following along.
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