Moms Can Wear Thigh Highs

After writing on my newly found sex appeal in more conservative fashion as a mom I am getting all kinds of questions from readers about what is “too young.” To those of you who asked about knee high boots being “stripper like” I say NO WAY! Check out how I style my thigh high boots to make me feel sexy while still keeping my “mom hat” on!

Before children I seriously did not know what comfortable fashion meant. I would bear the pain in the name of style! Now I can be the first to stand up and say “that ish is for the birds!” but I have found ways to dress for comfort without  compromising my style!





One of my most favorite newly found fashion trend is thigh high boots! I struggled for a minute trying to decide if my time has passed on the thigh highs and after putting a pair on I was determined to make it work! not only do they boost self esteem and sex appeal, they are SUPER COMFORTABLE! I can move freely and still be mom while enjoying my time with my boys!



So how do you get away with thigh highs as a mommy? Pair your secret sexy weapon with an oversized sweater like the one I am wearing in this post from The Ivory Closet and a pair of leggings. I also love my thigh highs paired with a short skirt. Many moms think that the mini skirts are for the high-schoolers, but if you choose a slightly shorter skirt and a pair of thigh highs, the boots act as a pair of leggings and will only allow you to bear about an inch, keeping your mini tasteful and your feet in style!






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  1. 1.2.18

    This is the cutest blog!! Love the thigh boots!


  2. 6.30.19

    Great article. Wear whatever make you feel sexy and attractive. If you and your significant other are happy thats all that counts.