My Experience with Lip Injections

The older I get the thinner my upper lip seems to become. I have also noticed these annoying vertical lines that draw directly down into my pout. Of course, it is clear we are in the beauty era of full luscious lips and unfortunately, the good Lord did not bless me with this feature. However, thanks to modern medspas and technology, I can pump up my lips to a full, yet natural volume in less than 20 minutes with results that last up to 7 months! In this post I will share, everything you should know about lip injections such as; How to avoid the permanent duck face? What is the best lip filler? What does it feel like and are lip injections painful? Here is everything you wanted to know about lip injections.


It is true, we are in a beauty era that focuses on lips and women of all ages are pursuing a fuller look. I have had mine injected by two different med spas, each choosing to plump by injecting in a different spot using a different way to numb. Here is my experience.

How to Prevent the Permanent Duckface

I have been told by both med spas that the duckface outcome all depends on where the product is injected. I have had Juvederm injected around the rim of my mouth focusing only on the center lip line to turn up the cupids bow and flip down the center of my bottom lip. This is how I received my treatment the first two times and I really liked it. I was left with a harder lip line that seemed to somewhat soften over time but I figured that came with the territory. When I started going to A Beautiful You Medical Spa, Jeannie introduced me to a whole new way of injecting. She inserted the product into the center areas of my lip. I LOVED the results.

At first I had a few hard bubbles that seemed to go away within 48 hours with a little massaging. Now, my lips are full, soft, and look 100% natural. I understand that all patients are different and may need to be injected in other areas for the desired outcome but if you are a candidate for injecting into the cushions, DO IT!

Too much filler and extending the product out to the outer edges of your mouth can cause the dreaded duckface. I only use about a half of a syringe and save the rest for touch ups later. I never allow injections close to the outer corners of my mouth.


What is the Best Lip Filler?

Juvederm is quickly establishing itself as first class when it comes to lip fillers. It’s one of  It is FDA-approval with hyaluronic acid as an active ingredient, a natural body substance making this one of the safest fillers. This is the filler that I have used and I absolutely love it however, in full transparency, I have never tried anything else!

Restylane is another common filler also approved by the FDA more commonly used for wrinkle treatment. It is also made with hyaluronic acid so it is very safe as well.

Volbella is part of the Juvederm family but is used to softer the appearance of “smokers lines” or laugh lines.

From my research, one filler is not better than the other, they are all used for different outcomes. I would do my research and also set up a free consultation with a reputable medspa.


What does it feel like? Are lip injections painful?

The first spa I went to for injections used lidocaine shots to numb my lips before actually injecting. They also injected along my lip line. While I liked the look, it was extremely painful! I wan’t sure why I needed to go through two rounds of shots. One for numbing and then one to inject. The pain was a level 9 out of 10! I almost passed out but the look was on point so I kept going back.

After getting used to the first spa and their way of doing things, I continued to go back but dreaded the process as I was always on the verge of vomiting. Needless to say, it took a lot of convincing to try a new spa for fear of embarrassment and change.

This is when I finally tried A Beautiful You Medical Spa! When they told me we would be numbing with only ice I became super anxious. Only ice? I went along with it anyway. The pain level was surprisingly low. Maybe like a 3 out of 10? Totally bearable and the finished look with injections in the lip area versus the lip line was way more natural!

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