Packing a Beach Bag for Baby and Beauty

My beach bag has transformed a bit in the past two years now that I’m a momma. Last year at the beach I was a bit clueless as it was our first visit with a little one. This year I have it down pat! Here are a few of the items that I pack away for our beach days.


First thing’s first, you need a large enough beach tote to hold all of your goods. I love JCPenny’s totes because they are super fashionable and roomie for everything that you need for a day out as a momma.  Of course there are a few things not pictured here such as swimmy diapers, towels, and snacks, but here are a few items that you don’t really think about until your toes are already in the sand.

Burt’s Bees has the most refreshing facial wipes. I love that they are natural and great wiping sand from your’s or your toddler’s face and hands.


Feel’s Refreshed Spray is great for a little spritzer pick me up. I wouldn’t use this on your babe because it contains hyaluronic acid to minimize pores but the cucumber, kelp and apple enzymes refresh and re-hydrate instantly.

Coola is my most favorite sunscreen line! It never fails to protect and the products smell scrumptious. I usually just get the Coola for Kids and share with Jack.


Mermaid hair, don’t care?  I love this salt spray product because it gives me instant beach waves when there is no time for hair. We all know what swimming in the pool or ocean all day can do to your “do.” Use this salt spray for an instant wave after enjoying the waves.

Don’t forget to grab a flotation device! My rule is, if there is water near by, Jack is required to be in one. It’s best to keep one of these in your car just in case you attend a cookout where there is a pool or lake, even if you will not be swimming. People may think you are crazy but it is better to be safe than sorry. I like the ones that have some sort of enclosure between the legs so that I don’t worry about him sliding out of it.
Does anyone have any other great products that I should add to my beach bag list? Please leave them in the comments. I am always up for trying new things!

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