5 Fun Halloween Decorations To Craft With Your Toddlers

Trick or treat! October is just around the corner, so it’s time to unpack those spooky Halloween decorations and silly costumes. October 31 is a day that traditionally marked the end of summer and the harvest and the beginning of the dark, cold winter. Over time, Halloween has evolved into a time of activities like trick-or-treating, carving jack-o-lanterns, festive gatherings, and my personal favorite – crafting with the kiddos. Keep scrolling to see 5 simple and kid-friendly Halloween crafts we are doing together this year!


The only time it’s actually appropriate to embrace the mess! Splatter painting is so easy, and my kids just love it! Grab a few real (or fake) pumpkins and let your kids paint them a solid color (I suggest doing orange, black, or white). Then, splatter! Use a paint brush or a toothbrush and lightly tap it repeatedly onto the surface of the solid-colored pumpkin. For the splatter part, use bright colors to contrast. After they’re done drying, place them inside with your other decor or outside on your fall porch. Happy painting!


Ok… this one is so cute and easy enough for younger kids to do! Grab a small to medium black paper plate, or paint it black if it’s a different color. Our goal was to make it look as realistic as possible, hence the black! Each kid should have 8 black pipe cleaners to use as legs. Simply attach 4 pipe cleaners to each side of the plate, bending them at the ends to look like real legs! Finish it off by placing 2 googly eyes and candy corn fangs on the top of the plate. Your kids are bound to love this one!


If I were to guess, you probably have some extra popsicle sticks in a craft drawer or closet somewhere, right? Maybe leftovers from a school project that most likely won’t be touched again? Let’s put those to use by building a “spooky” and colorful haunted house! Before you start, decide whether you’re going to make a big one as a family or individual smaller ones. Then, paint the popsicle sticks according to the Halloween theme you’re going for – I personally love the purple, black, orange, and green pallet. But, it’s ultimately up to your kids on this one!


This craft also includes a built-in scavenger hunt – it’s time to find some rocks! Once you and your kids find a handful of rocks for each of you, it’s time to paint and add some googly eyes! Oh, and don’t forget the monster mouth! How cute is this?! Once the paint is completely dry, scatter them around the house for an indoor hide and seek game that serves as endless entertainment!


Who knew how many possibilities a toilet paper roll could offer? Help your kids recreate any of their favorite Halloween characters like Dracula or Frankenstein or simple fall favorites like mummies, ghosts and pumpkins. This is such an easy craft with no expensive materials necessary – all you need is a variety of colored construction paper and a few googly eyes left over from the projects above. You can even use strips of real toilet paper to create a mummy or a ghost!

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