Stepping Back Into Fashion Feat. J.Peterman

J. Peterman has been traveling all over the world to find uncommonly good fashions for nearly a quarter of a century bringing romance and uniqueness to the lives of the wearer. If you receive the infamous J. Peterman’s Owner’s Manual you can read about his passion for every piece that is chosen for the collection. In this post, I will be sharing some of my favorites and revealing the narratives written about each piece by J. Peterman.

While this is a sponsored post, all reviews and ideas are 100% my own.

The first piece that I fell in love with was the Pied-a-terre blouse created to rest, refuel, and rediscover yourself. I must admit, I did just that. Secret told, I am normally a bra wearer but I enjoyed the sexy secret behind the blouse and decided to explore it’s story a little more.

“For spending the day at the “Arms and Armor” section of Cloisters, researching new and improved ways to admonish the subordinates.
Bidding against the striking gentleman in the glen check three-piece at Sotheby’s (and winning), visiting the secret bookstore where you engage in vibrant, infuriating, and productive conversation, the kind found only in the company of the oppressed intelligentsia.
Return to your secret headquarters nestled in the four-story walk-up, somewhere between Battery Park and Long Island. That’s already saying too much. You get a text message from the striking gentleman. To be this free, certain mysteries must remain.” – J. Peterman

I paired my Pied-a-Terre top with some lovely Ivory Silk Wide Leg Pants. 
 My friends call me flapper Alex or pirate Alex. I won’t get into why, but I think both have to do with my fashion, attitude, and the fact that I am a Gemini. These pants completely satisfy my 1920’s inner being. Flowing silk wide legs have been making waves in France and Italy since the 1920’s. I love that they are so versatile and go with almost anything!

“You just couldn’t help it. Making that entrance, upstaging them all. Of course, they wore dresses. The same old cumbersome blues and grays. They’re still reading the old winter play-book; clearly didn’t get the memo. In truth, there was no memo. No email. No text. No upload to the cloud. No warning whatsoever. If you’ve learned anything from running mergers and acquisitions, it’s not to tip your hand (that and the importance of liquidity).
There were rumblings you were going to wear something outlandishly chic to the board meeting, a jacket tossed over your shoulder like you’re Olive Ann Beech. Who knows, maybe you will. For now, the company’s annual first-quarter office party seems like a good place to show off a bit.” – J.Peterman


One of the best parts of The J.Peterman Company is the Owner’s Manual! He writes an intimate story about each piece of clothing (like the passages quoted by him above). I spend hours reading the inserts and imagining myself in the time period or situation narrated and I begin to fall in love with the piece that he is featuring. If you haven’t already, be sure to sign up to receive his Owner’s Manual. I promise, it is a work of art that you will collect over the years.

In my last post about my trip to NYC, I featured a pair of boots that everyone was raving over! Well, bet you can guess where those came from!
These are the “Deep Creek Leather” booties. I loved the distressed pewter style. They can be dressed up or down with a pair of jeans, or even a western inspired skirt!

“Somewhere East of Helena. West or north of almost everywhere else. Dance hall, local band. You make a stop to learn the two-step. A fiddle pours out a lonesome song that makes you yearn for honest, simple things. Things you can’t even name. Even the bartender stops to listen, glass and towel in hand. You’ve never felt so light but rooted. You were just passing through, but it looks like you have some things to consider. Keep dancing. You’ll figure it out.” – J.Peterman.

I will definitely be adding many more pieces of the J.Peterman collection to my fashion wardrobe. J. Peterman has inspired me to be extremely selective in my fashion buys and to only choose intricate pieces to build a truly fabulous fashion wardrobe. Check them out and be prepared to be whisked away on a fashion journey, sure to reveal intimate truths about yourself.






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  1. 2.14.18

    That black blouse and your white pants are such a classic combination! You look great babe!

    xx, Kusum

  2. 2.14.18
    Rose Mont said:

    I like the outfit. You could get away with that even going from office to dinner. I love those pewter boots.

  3. 2.14.18

    I love these pieces you are wearing!! They are sexy chic, but still can be business professional!!

  4. 2.14.18

    Your style is so gorgeous! I love this look, it's timeless. I especially liked the black heals.

  5. 2.14.18

    Those shoes are really pretty, also love the blouse.
    Xx, Nailil

  6. 2.14.18

    Love your outfit! I think it really suits you, and those Deep Creek Leather booties really are to die for! I have a pair of booties somewhat similar but they lack that side detail.