What is the Point of a Bralette?

Many feel that bralettes are for the young girls or for those that aren’t well endowed. While I am not well endowed, I am here to tell you all the reasons that bralettes aren’t just for your 20’s!

So if you are a little apprehensive about adopting the lace bralette, let me tell you, I was the same way. I felt like bralettes were retired when I turned 30 and after having kids, but recently bralettes have made a revival with my wardrobe and let me tell you why!

Why You Should Invest in Lace Bralettes

Fashionable for Peek A Boo Moments – You know those outfits that show a little too much under arm pit skin, are a little too low cut, or are strappy? Lace bralettes are great for hiding over exposure elegantly. They are also great for blending in with strappy tops.

They are Super Comfortable – One of the biggest reasons people wear a bralette is for the comfort factor. Bralettes tend to be wire-free, which can be very comfortable.

The Right One Can Be Supportive – When bralettes first became popular, they were very unsupportive. Think, training bra. But now, companies are getting crafty with their cuts and using more structured lace and elastic for maximum support!

Now, if you are having a confident sexy moment, I love the trend of showing off a sports bralette under a button up top. A sports bralette has a wider under band so it is more like a crop. This is such a fun look for the summer. You can even tie a knot in the bottom of your button up and pair with shorts.

Now for a little more inspiration…

To keep it classy, choose some dainty jewelry and funky velvet loafers. Many fashionistas ditch the velvet in the summer, but not me! I love spicing up an outfit with some funky colored velvet shoes.

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