What Should I Wear to a 90s Party?

This year I was invited to a 90s party. I was absolutely THRILLED because not only did I grow up in the 90s and loved 90s style, going to a 90s party means I actually get to rock my favorite 90s looks. I was 11 in the 90s and my mom wouldn’t dare let me wear a crop top or fishnet, and the only plaid skirt or jumper I was allowed to wear was the one I wore to school everyday. In this post, I am sharing the 90s look that I wore to the party and some other alternative fashion pieces.

And there you have it! My 90s dream look. I have to admit, I already owned the Doc Martins and wear them often, but I found the rest on Amazon and it wasn’t a splurge! I got all of these pieces for less than $75. Oh, and as for the tee, I decided to cut up this Soundgarden tee to convert it into a crop. Click the images below to shop the look.

Another look I love from the 90s is the 90s hip-hop style. Fresh Prince of Belair was one of my favorite TV sitcoms. To my next 90s party, I will be wearing the items below. Click the images below to shop.

And of course, every little girl loves Barbie. The look below is inspired by my 90s Barbie dolls and with the new movie coming out, I just may scoop up this look for a girls outing to lunch and the movies! Click the images below to shop.

And you can never go wrong with Tommy. In the 90s we had Tommy Hilfiger EVERYTHING. I think I got a bottle of Tommy Girl perfume from Santa 3 years in a row! Click the images below to shop.

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