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    Home Decor

    The Ultimate Pool Must Have | Ledge Loungers

    Do you have a pool and want that backyard spa feel that you experience at 5 star resorts? With Ledge Lounger you can have just that. Since getting our Ledge Lounger furniture, our backyard has transformed into a beautiful family living space. In this post, I am sharing my favorite Ledge Lounger pieces!

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  • Recipes

    Recipe | Fresh Rum Mint Julep

    Most of us have had a mint julep but I am willing to bet it was made with bourbon. This week I am sharing my favorite mint julep recipe, sub the…

  • Mommy Style

    Pin Collection Purse

    Collecting vintage enamel pins make for a fun hobby. I like collecting pins from estate sales, antique shops, and little gift stores to commemorate family vacations but never know where to…

  • Home Decor

    Decoupage Oyster Crafts

    One of the most popular blog posts here on City Chic Living are the ones where I share my decoupage crafts. In this post, I am sharing how I decoupage oysters…

  • Exclusives

    EXCLUSIVE | That Meat Is Greasy

    “That meat is greasy.” What does this even mean? Thanks to Google, I was able to gain a little more insight on the phrase. According to the first website that Google…