Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt? + Giveaway


Does laser hair removal hurt more than waxing? Does laser hair removal hurt on your face? Does laser hair removal hurt underarms? Does laser hair removal hurt on legs? These are all questions that I have been asked lately after broadcasting my experience with A Beautiful You Med Spa last week. Here is my honest review.

The wonderful staff over at A Beautiful You Med Spa offered me laser hair removal treatments in exchange for an honest review and we all know how transparentI have been lately, so here’s the scoop!


About 4 years ago I purchased a laser hair removal package for my underarms and lip with a local spa that is no longer in business. I must say, the treatment was very painful and I was only able to complete 2 out of the 6 required treatments. Because of this experience, I was super afraid to try it again. After speaking with the amazing owners Lorrie and JL, they assured me that they specifically invested in state of the art diode lasers designed to promote maximum comfort with minimal amount of pain for this process. I am a huge baby when it comes to pain so I must admit, I was super apprehensive but decided to give it another go.


First, Dianna applied a cool clear gel to the area she was treating. We then popped laser protective glasses on and got to work! I was shocked at how easy it was. There were moments where I felt a small tinge but nothing that I would consider excruciating pain. Every now and then I would feel a little pinch that lasted about 1/4 a second in areas where I had very thick dark hairs, but other than that, it was virtually painless! I even knocked out a a few emails while laying on the table!


Originally, I was only going to do underarms and lip but once I experienced the painless laser and my anxiety completely subsided, I decided to go for it all! In about 30 minutes I was able to get underarms, lip, chin, bikini area, and full legs done…30 MINUTES! Super quick and easy.


I must say, I am not at all dreading my next appointment in 6 weeks. Piece of cake!
The total service includes 6 treatments, each being scheduled 6 weeks apart and as I said earlier, the treatment are super quick and easy.


You know I always like to include a perk for being a City Chic Living reader. So here’s your deal! A Beautiful You Med Spa is going to give all of you lovely ladies and gentlemen a HUGE discount for the full 6 week packages!

– FULL BIKINI | Regular Price $1200   YOUR PRICE $495
– UNDERARMS | Regular Price $895    YOUR PRICE $325
– UPPER OR LOWER LEGS | Regular Price $1200   YOUR PRICE $495
– LIP/CHIN/FACE | Regular Price $895    YOUR PRICE $325

Just be sure to mention City Chic Living to get the secret deal! Want to try your luck at winning an Underarm Hair Removal Treatment? Sign up below! Winner will be announced Tuesday September 25th.

Not in to the lasers? No worries, A Beautiful You Med Spa has several other relaxing services. Just click here to head on over to their site. Be sure to tell them City Chic Living sent you!

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