Must-Have Essentials for Creating a Fall Outfit

As another year approaches the end of its run, fall returns, and with it comes its staple fashion aesthetics. From chunky sweaters to leggings, boots, and beanies, autumnal fashion offers lots of cozy style picks, creating chic yet comfortable looks. Its collection of styles consists of numerous pieces collected over time and now deemed must-haves for any autumnal fit. Here are five of those fall outfit essentials and how you can create a classic autumnal look with them.

Warm Toned Basics

Any form of set aesthetic, from fashion concepts to interior design styles, features a specific color palette that captures its essence. Fall fashion uses a warm-toned palette, starring burnt oranges, various reds, and clay-colored pigments. It matches one of fall’s most staple symbols: colored leaves.

Adding some warm-toned basics into your look transforms the outfit into a fall-themed look. It captures the traditional autumnal scenery, creating an ode to pumpkins, color-changing leaves, and cozy evening fires. Other fall colors to sneak into your look, aside from the warm tones, include muted shades of forest green and gray-shaded blues. I love adding these shades to my fall wardrobe using bodysuits and fitted cotton dresses. Check out some of my favorites this season below!


Boots and Booties

Boots are made for walking and for the fall, too. As you say goodbye to wedges, sandals, and flip-flops, it’s also time to say hello to boots and booties. These fall footwear staples offer fashionable and chic properties, making them a great addition to any fit. The best part is they come in an array of variations, broadening your styling opportunities. Some of the most popular boots to add to your fall wardrobe include knee-high or over-the-knee boots, combats, and chunky heeled booties.

This season I am loving suede REDTOP boots (an Amazon Best Seller), cocktail cowgirl boots, heeled combat boots, and snake skin riding boots.


Cold Weather Accessories

When the weather starts to look more like the beginning of winter than the lingering ends of summer, implementing cold weather accessories adds the final touches to your fall look. From gloves to scarves to earmuffs, there are numerous chic cold weather adornments to play around with. Aside from keeping you warm in cooler temperatures, cold weather accessories also allow you to include different textures, shapes, and details in your outfit. They enhance your look in more ways than one.


Tights and Leggings

Comfort, style, and practicality. Tights and leggings offer lots to love, making them a great addition to any outfit, especially an autumnal one. They keep your legs warm, offer maximum mobility, and pair well with numerous other fall essentials, from long-sleeved dresses to boots and sweaters. Plus, they add a neutral color break into the mix as they traditionally come in black, further expanding the items they pair with. I love wearing oversized plaid button-ups with leggings for a cozy, casual look. Check out some of my tips for styling an over-sized plaid top.


Sweaters and Cardigans

Sweaters and cardigans reign as essential fall royals. For years, they have symbolized fall, being the face of autumnal fashion aesthetics. This year, according to expected Thanksgiving fashion trends, the chunkier the sweater, the better. Rocking a sweater or cardigan in your outfit gives it that classic fall look.


When creating your autumnal wardrobe, makes sure to add some of these must-have fall outfit essentials to fully embrace the season’s essence. Create cozy, chic, and aesthetic looks with a trendy fall outfit made with all the best pieces of the season.

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